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The T6 is a modern 155mm, 45 calibre turret which can be mounted on a suitable chassis. It is basically a G6 turret, but has been repackaged to incorporate an APU and ammunition storage. The T6 has been tested by integrating it with the reliable T72 MBT chassis, and in this configuration it is a definite win combination. Distances of over 39 km can be achieved with ERFB base bleed ammunition. Firing trials have proved the T72 MBT be a very stable firing platform with no spades or support systems required.

Ammunition is stored in the turret bustle on both sides of the power unit. 40 Projectiles and 32 charges can be stored vertically on hydraulically driven carousels. A projectile transfer arm may be fitted to reduce crew fatigue.

The turret is of all welded steel armour construction, giving protection from 7,62 AP armour piercing small arms fire and shell splinters. It is a completely autonomous unit in terms of power supply and ammunition storage. The power unit is centrally mounted in the turret bustle to supply power for all electrical and hydraulic sub-systems. The turret traverse is powered through a full 360 with weapon elevation also powered from -5 to +70. This turret should be of particular interest to customers who have a requirement for proven artillery, and already manufactured a suitable vehicle or wish to use a vehicle of their choice.

Mounted either side of the turret front is a bank of four electrically operated smoke discharges and the commander is provided with a cupola on the right side of the turret. Additional access doors are fitted either side of the turret. The T6 turret has an autonomous gyro laying and navigation system. eliminating the need for survey and alignment at the gun position. This system enables the gun to be brought into or out of action in less than 30 seconds from coming to a halt.


Manufacturer LIW division of DENEL
Armament 155mm, 45 calibre
Range over 39 km with ERFB base bleed ammunition

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