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SK 105 Kurassier

This light tank was developed by the Saurer-Werk (today Steyr Daimler-Puch). The first prototype was ready in 1967 and first production vehicles were delivered in 1971. Although classified as "tank destroyer" [Jagdpanzer] by the Austrian army, SK 105 (known as Kurassier) is considered a light tank. Many of its automotive components are identical to the used ones in the armored troop carrier vehicles of of (APC) built by Steyr, allowing to the users to have an full family of the vehicles based on similar parts, which facilitates training and the logistic support. The SK 105 variants include the Greif armored recovery vehicle, the Pionier engineering vehicle and the driver training vehicle. They are in service in Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Morocco and Tunisia. The Navy of Brazil also acquired 17 SK 105 for the Body of Fuzileiros Navais (CFN). The incorporation of this tank is part of the Program of Reaparelhamento of the Navy for equiping fiflemen with more modern equipment. Production of the SK 105 resumed for Botswana, with an order for 20 brand new vehicles and an option on an additional 30 vehicles.


origin Austria
  • 105 mm cannon [3,000 m range]
  • 7.62 mma machine gun coaxial one with the main armament
  • two smoke projectors on each side of the turret
  • Length 7.76 m including the main armament
    5.58 m chassis
    width 2.5 m
    height 2.88 m
    Weight 17,500kg
    Pressure on ground 0.68 kg/cm2
    Motor Steyr 7FA - 6 cylinders, water cooled, superfed, diesel, developing 320 HP (238 KW)
    Speed on road 65-68 km/h
    range 520 km
  • vertical: 0.8 m;
  • trench: 2,41 m;
  • slopes: 60
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