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According to Salah Halabi, president of the Arab Armament Organization, Egypt manufactures the Sakr-36 and Sakr-40 standard missiles. The rockets are ground support, field saturation weapon systems based on the use of conventional & dispersive warheads of high neutralization efficiency against infantry and mechanized formations located at ranges up to 36 km. They are fired from single tube, quadruple or multi-tube (mobile or ground) launchers of high firing rates. These launchers are used for launchng all family artillery rockets caliber 122mm ( SAKR 10 , SAKR 18 , SAKR 36 , D-4000 , D-6000) " They are classified into single - tube mobile or ground type, according to mission. The D-4000 and D-6000 rocket systems are used for generating smoke screen to cover movements of friendly troops or mask enemy observation posts. It consists of the 122 mm caliber rocket, provided with Smoke Warhead, two types of motors are used for ranges of 4 & 6 Km, and Multi-Launcher (6 Tubes) mounted on Armored Vehicle.


Range 36 km

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