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Sabra Main Battle Tank

The Sabra Main Battle Tank is a modernised upgraded M60A3, orignally developed for a proposal to Turkey by Israel Military Industries. The Sabra upgrade package is now being marketed elsewhere internationally. The original 60s and 70s technology is replaced by new systems which will extend the life of the M60 into the next century as an effective weapon system capable of defeating modern tanks. The Sabra's main armament is a new 120mm Gun system which is interoperable with NATO weapon systems and ammunition. Similar to the gun developed for the Merkava Mark 3 main battle tank, it is mated with thermal imaging sights and the "Knight" fire control system and which provides a fire on the move capability. The 120mm gun was developed to fit the relatively small turret dimensions of older tanks. No machining or welding is necessary on the turret to match the 120mm with the M60. The characteristics, including dimensions, recoil force and range, are almost identical to those of the existing 105mm system. Within the turret, the only major changes are for ammunition racking and the fire control system. The enhanced turret and add-on ballistic protection improve survivability against shaped charge and kinetic projectiles.


Crew Four
Weight, combat loaded 55 tons
Overall length gun forward 9.40 metres
Overall width without skirts 3. 63 metres
height 3. 05 metres
Main armament 120 mm smooth bore gun
Ammunition stowage 42 rounds
Coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm/5.56 mm
Externally mounted machine guns 2 x7.62 mm / 5.56 mm
Mortar 60 mm
Gunner's sight periscopic day and night, stabilized in 2 axes
Commander's sight day sight plus optical relay to gunner's sight
Laser rangefinder ND:YAG eye-safe
Engine Teledyne Continental AVDS 1790-5A four stroke diesel
Maximum road speed 48 km/hour
Range on hard level ground 450 kilometres

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