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Rooikat AFV

The Rooikat 76mm version is in service with the South African National Defence Force. The Rooikat 105 mm version is available for export markets. The Rooikat 105 has been designed for combat reconnaissance which entails aggressive seek and destroy operations. Its secondary roles are combat support, anti-armour and anti-guerilla operations. The Rooikat is not a pure reconnaissance vehicle, but rather its role was envisaged as the fighting core of the deep penetration units of the South African Army. Due the need of raids in areas like Namibia, a wheeled armored vehicle was required, since the tank was too slow and cumbersome.

The Rooikat 76mm 3-man combat turret is currently in production for and in service with the South African Army. Designed, developed, manufactured and supported by LIW, this turret is a class-leader in the combat-reconnaissance role. The turret sports a proprietary 62 calibre-length high-pressure 76mm GT-4 Tank Gun, firing a range of HE, PRAC and APFS-DS ammunition. With APFS-DS muzzle velocity in excess of 1600m/s, this weapon provides devastating tank killing performance.

The turret features a day/night gunner sight with laser rangefinder, automatic digital Fire Control and automatic meteorological and cant sensors which together yield a high First-round-hit probability. The panoramic commander sight together with the high performance digitally controlled stabilised electric gun servo, provide a rapid reaction time. Interior space is reminiscent of a main battle tank turret, making this a superior turret for long duration operations, such as deep-penetration and reconnaissance. The Rooikat 76mm turret is operationally qualified and boasts a fully qualified manufacturing process and logistic support system. With a combat weight of 5,5 tons, the Rooikat 76mm turret suitable as armament on both tracked or wheeled vehicles with platforms weights from 12 tons upwards.

The Rooikat LMT-105 is a development of the Rooikat 76mm currently in series production by LIW for the South African National Defence Force, and is the turret fitted to the Rooikat 105mm export model. The Rooikat 105 is fitted with the GT7 105 mm anti-tank gun capable of firing the full range of standard NATO full-pressure 105 mm ammunition. The Rooikat's 105mm gun does not have a muzzle brake and so avoids the unpleasant aspects that brings up for accompanying infantry (blast, obscuration due to dust kick-up, etc.) The Rooikat 105 provides superior strategic, operational and tactical mobility characteristics which are achieved through the fully independent trailing arm suspension. It is capable of sustained high road speeds for rapid strategic deployment over long distances, with exceptional off-road capabilities allowing the system to operate over a wide variety of terrains. A range of optional extras is available enabling a client to configure a system that best suits needs, threats and budget.

The turret sports the LIW 52 calibre-length full pressure 105mm GT-7 Tank Gun, exhibiting low peak firing forces due to the utilization of an advanced hydro-pneumatic recoil system. This gun has been subjected to a stringent qualification regime and fires the full range of NATO 105mm ammunition, including APFS-DS. In its advanced configuration (with Stabilised Panoramic Commander Sight and Stabilised Gunner Sight incorporating Thermal Imager), the LMT-105 turret boasts formidable Hunter-Killer, Day/Night and Fire-on-the-move capabilities derived from Fire and Gun Control technologies developed for Main Battle Tank turrets. The resulting performance, class-leading spacious ergonomic layout and protection for its 3 crew members, set the LMT-105 turret apart from its competition.

The LMT-105 turret utilizes a proprietary Turret Management System coupling sub-systems in a modular fashion - thereby allowing for efficient up- and down- gradeability of turret systems for various applications, both presently and in future. The LMT-105 turret can therefore be deployed in a wide variety of missions, including reconnaissance, raiding, tank killing and as a general purpose assault gun - with varying levels of fire Control and Sighting equipment fitted. The LMT-105 turret weighs in at 6,5 tons and is suitable as armament on both tracked or wheeled vehicles - with platform weights from 12 tons.


Country of origin: South Africa
Crew 4
Weight 28 ton
Traction 8 Xs 8 [105mm turrest can also be mounted on tracked chassis]
  • GT-4 76mm 62-calibre high-pressure Tank Gun, or
  • GT7 105 mm anti-tank gun
  • speed
  • 120 km/h on road top speed
  • 50 km/h average cross country speed
  • range1,000 Km
  • Fording, 1.5 m
  • Crossing of ditches, 2 m
  • Vertical obstacle, 1 m
  • Sources and Resources

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