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MBT-2000 / Type 2000 Main Battle Tank

Pakistan's development of the MBT-2000 Al Khalid began in 1988, and in January 1990 an agreement was reached with China to jointly design, develop and manufacture system. The design is an upgrade from the original T902M and work had been going on at China's NORINCO for some years, with initial prototypes produced in China were fielded for trials in August 1991. Pakistan's manufacturing plant at Taxila was completed in 1992. Since then development efforts have focused on improving the design for Pakistan's terrain and high temperatures. The engine of the T90 2M is replaced by the Ukrainian 6TD 1200hp engine, and a newly developed thermal viewer system has been added to improve nocturnal fighting capability. Heavy Industries Taxila was expected to start production of Al-Khalid before the turn of this century. The Chinese ground army has not made any purchase orders and will not use the same tank when it does decide to buy a next-generation armored vehicle.


Powerplant Ukrainian 6TD 1200hp
Maximum Speed 37 mph
Weight 48 tons
Armament one 125mm smooth bore gun
one 12.7mm machine gun
one 7.62mm machine gun

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