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The M-84 tank is a Yugoslav-built version of the Soviet T-72. Though lacking many of the modern features used by Western tanks, such as sophisticated fire control and communications equipment, it has computerized fire control system and vehicle optics. The tank features two banks of smoke dischargers mounted on the turret front, seven on the left and five on the right, and a distinctive meteorology mast containing sensors fitted on the forward part of the turret. A powerful 1000 hp diesel engine gives greater acceleration, higher road speed and improved power-to-weight ratio. Ballistic protection is achieved by a low profile of optimum shaping and a multi-layer "sandwich" armour with equivalent penetration resistance exceeding 600 mm. M-84 tank is capable of fording water obstacles 1.8m deep and, in underwater drive, up to 5 m deep. This vehicle is not normally suited for operation on terrain of the type around Kosovo.


Weight 48,000kg
Length 9.5m
Width 3.6m
Height 2.2m
Speed 35-45 km/h - on macadam road
50 km/h - on grade 1 road
70 km/h -Max speed
Tactical radius450-700 km
Max. gradient30o
Max. lateral grade25o
Main Gun 125mm cannon
AmmunitionSemi-fixed round, with HE, HEAT and HVAPDS (FS) projectiles
Combat set 42 rounds
Coaxial Machine Gun 7.62mm
Commander's Machine Gun 12.7mm
Crew 3

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