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M-30 122-mm Towed Howitzer
Type 54 122mm howitzer

The 122mm howitzer M1938 (M-30) was introduced into the Soviet Army shortly before World War II to replace the obsolescent World War I models. After the war the Ml 938 became the standard divisional howitzer of the other Warsaw Pact armies and was introduced into the Yugoslav Army. It also was sold to armies in other parts of the world. The M1938 is mounted on a box-section,so1it-trai1 carriage fitted with a shield. The recoil system consists of a hydraulic buffer above the tube, and a hydropneumatic recuperator below it. The breechblock is a hinged screw type. Care must be taken to distinguish the M1938 from the 152mm howitzer M1943 (D-1) which uses the same basic carriage. The larger weapon can be recognized by the thicker tube and the presence of a large double-baffle muzzle brake.

In recent years modified disc wheels have been fitted to the 122mm howitzers in the ESulgarian Army, but the sponge rubber filled tires of the Soviet howitzers have been retained. On the other hand the East German forces have developed a new wheel with a pneumatic tire for hiq',er towing speed. The East German modification results in a reduction of the overall height of the piece in travel position to 1735mm and of the height of the axis of the bore at 0 degrees elevation to 1185mm.



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