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Battle tank Leopard 1 A5
Kampfpanzer Leopard 1 A5

The Leopard 1 was first produced in 1963 by Krauss-Maffei for the German Ministry of Defence and more than 6000 vehicles have been exported to nine NATO countries, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway and Turkey and also Australia. The main armament is capable of engaging with effective fire, while on-the-move, through the use of an electronic , hydraulic gyroscopic gun stabilizer. This is known as fully stabilized power traverse. In addition, the Leopard is fitted with two banks of smoke grenade dischargers on the turret to create local obscuration.

The Leopard may be "sealed-off" against nuclear contamination on the nuclear battlefield. It is a minimum-maintenance armoured fighting vehicle with visual lubricant level checks and minimum daily crew maintenance required. Properly fitted with external gear, it is capable of deep-fording or submerged fording where river banks are prepared for exit and entry. Complete engine replacement is possible in 30 minutes under field conditions.


  • Engine performance: 610 KW (830PS)
  • Weight: approx. 42.4 t
  • Maximum speed: approx. 65 km/h
  • Operating range (1/3 area, 2/3 road): approx. 600 km
  • Armament:
  • Mounted gun 105 mm
  • Combat distance: to 2500 m
  • Crew Four soldiers (commander, driver, gunner and radio operator/loader)
    Length: 8.17 m (gun at 6 o'clock)
    9.54 m (gun at 12 o'clock)
    Width: 3.37 m
    Height: 2.62 m
    Weight: 42.5 t
    Engine: Multi-fuel engine,
    10 cylinders,
    830 hp
    Speed: 65 km/hr
    Range: 600 km
    Armament: 105-mm gun;
    7.62-mm co-axially mounted machine-gun;
    7.62-mm crew commander's machine-gun
    Ammunition types: Armour piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot;
    Armour piercing discarding sabot ;
    High explosive squashhead;
    High explosive plastic;
    High explosive anti-tank;

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