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KS-19 100-mm Towed AA Gun
Type 59

The Soviet 100mm antiaircraft gun KS-19 was introduced in the late 1940s as the replacement for the wartime 85mm guns. It found use in all of the Warsaw Pact armies, and atthouah it has been largely replaced by surface-to-air guided missiles, the KS-19 is still held in some Warsaw Pact units, and is employed in other countries as well. The KS-19 has a semiautomatic horizontal sliding wedge breechblock, a power rammer, an automatic fuze setter, and is fitted with a long multi-baffle muzzle brake. The antiaircraft fire control system includes a PUAZO-6/19 director and a SON-9 or SON-9A fire control radar. Provision is also made for direct fire against ground targets such as tanks. The ammunition is of the fixed type and is interchangeable to a large extent with that of other 100mm rifled tank and field guns. The KS-19M2 Anti-Aircraft Artillery may also be employed in a ground support role. The Chinese Communists call the gun the type 55.


Alternative Designations None
Date of Introduction 1949
Proliferation At least 20 countries
Crew 15
Carriage Towed 2-axle, 4-wheel carriage
Combat Weight (kg) 11,000
Length Overall (m) 9.3
Travel Position 9.45
Firing Position INA
Length of Barrel (m) 5.74
Height (m)
Overall 2.2
Travel Position INA
Firing Position 7.62
Width Overall (m) 2.32
Prime Mover Towing vehicle AT-S or AT-T
Automotive Performance
Max. Towed Speed (km/h) 35
Emplacement Time (min) 7
Displacement Time (min) 6
Caliber, Type 100-mm gun
Number of Barrels 1
Service Life of Barrel (rds) 2,800
Rate of Fire(rd/min)
Maximum INA
Practical 10-15
Loader Type Manual
Reload Time (min) INA
Traverse ( o ) 360
Traverse Rate ( o /sec) 20
Elevation ( o ) (-/+) -3 to 89
Elevation Rate ( o /sec) 12
Reaction time (sec) 30
PO-1M telescope
Field of View ( o ) 14
Power 5x
PG panoramic telescope
Field of View ( o ) 10
Power 4x
Rangefinder D-49 (off carriage)
Function Fire Control
Detection Range (km) 80
Tracking Range (km) 35
Frequency 2.7-2.9 GHz
Frequency Band E
Peak Power (kW) 300
fire control director PUAZO 6-19 or 6-19M
Types Frag-HE, AP-T, APC-T
Range (m)
With on-carriage sight 4,000
With off-carriage radar 12,600
Projectile Weight (kg)
Frag-HE 15.61
AP-T 15.89
APC-T 16
Muzzle Velocity (m/s) 900-1,000
Fuze Type Proximity and Time
Self-Destruct (sec) 30

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