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The Singapore designed and built FH2000 is the first 52 calibre field howitzer in service and in series production. The firing platform when fully deployed, support the howitzer by a unique tripod mechanical structure. Firing loads are transmitted to the ground through this tripod, isolating the hydraulic cylinders of the platform, for greater reliability. The FH2000 can be fitted with a wide selection of sighting systems from the simplest optical to sophistiated electro-optical which can be linked to fire control computers. The breech mechanism is semi-automatic with the breech opening automatically during counter recoil. An electronically controlled and hydraulically powered flick rammer rams the projectile into the barrel chamber with high consistency.

Singapore's domestic defense industry began with the establishment of Chartered Industries of Singapore (CIS) in 1967. Today, the industry consists of about 50 companies with over 12,000 employees Singapore Technologies (ST) is the largest company in the defense sector and its business interests extend beyond defense work into industrial products and services. In 1995, the sales by the group reached $2.8 billion. Singapore Technologies was created in 1989 by restructuring Sheng-Li Holding, a large government-owned holding company created to coordinate and direct a growing number of defense subsidiaries. ST is organized into fourteen business sectors: aerospace, automotive, electronics, financial and management services, information technology, infrastructure, lifestyle, logistics, ordnance, precision engineering, semiconductors, shipbuilding and engineering, and telemedia. These fourteen divisions have numerous subsidiaries, each company developing its own management style and personality.

ST's engineering subsidiary includes: aerospace; automotive; ordnance; precision engineering and shipbuilding. Engineering sales reached $860 million in 1995, half to defense customers. Chartered Industries of Singapore (through Chartered Ammunitions Industries) produces small, medium and large caliber ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnics and anti-tank weapons. Ordnance Development and Engineering produces medium to large caliber weapon systems (mortars, medium caliber cannons, FH88, FH2000), while Chartered Firearms Industries produces infantry and crew-served weapons (SR88A assault rifle, Ultimax 100, 7.62mm GPMG, the 40 mm grenade launchers, the 40/50 Cupola Weapon system). Allied Ordnance of Singapore offers a comprehensive range of advanced low level air defense equipment, including the 40mm L70 air defense gun system, and missile and Optronic fire control systems. ST Automotive has upgraded the AMX-13 Light Tank and refurbished the M113 APC, Commando V100 and V200 armored vehicles, LARC V amphibious and other military vehicles. ST Automotive has an on-going contract with the Singapore Armed Forces to overhaul, maintain and repair military ground equipment. CEI Technologies, manufactures electronic fuses, military communications equipment, small arms training simulators and fleet management systems. Chartered Electro-Optics (CEO), specializes in thermal imagers, laser systems, vehicular sights and multi-sensor payloads. Singapore Test Services offers specialized tests and inspection services to military and civilian customers.


Rate of Fire
  • Burst : 3 rounds in 15-20 seconds
  • Maximum : 6 rounds per minute
  • Sustained : 2 rounds per minute


Prob Error











Weight and Dimensions

Travelling Order Length

109,050 mm


<13.5 tons


2,800 mm

Height with Display Unit

2,550 mm

Height without Display Unit

2,286 mm

Strategic Mobility


Paved Roads Above 80 km/h

Unpaved Roads 50 km/h


Transportable by C130 and similar fixed wing aircraft (Payload 14,500 kg)


Transportable by LST and other suitable tactical Landing Craft. 

Tactical Mobility

Max Towed Speed (off road)

50 km/h

Max SP Speed

16 km/h

Max Climb Gradient

45 %

Fording Depth

760 mm


Coming into Action

< 90 seconds

Cease Firing

< 90 seconds

Change Zone of Fire

< 90 seconds

Crew Size

<= 6 men

Backup System
Built-in independent system:

Level 1

Electric Mode

Level 2

Fixed Hand Pumps

Level 3

Portable Hand Pumps

Sources and Resources

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