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Eryx is a Short Range Anti-Armour Weapon (Heavy) or SRAAW(H). It is a portable system including the firing post, the tripod, the Mirabel thermal imager and the missile tube. It provides the infantry section and the armoured reconnaissance assault troop with an improved capability in accuracy and penetration. Fired from the shoulder or using the tripod, Eryx can defeat all modern static or moving tanks. With its tandem high explosive warhead, it is effective against bunkers, earth works, and armour targets even when equipped with explosive reactive armour (ERA). Eryx can operate in all weather conditions, in normal battlefield smoke and at night. Its high flexibility allows it to operate in open ground, wooded zones or an  enclosed space in built-up areas. It can be transported in most Canadian combat vehicles. A practice inert missile is also available for training.

Basic training is conducted by using the Eryx video interactive gunnery simulator (EVIGS). The Eryx precision gunnery simulator (EPGS) is another simulator used for advanced training.


1 gunner and 1 loader


   main warhead:

137.4 mm
136 mm
Warhead: Tandem shaped charges high explosive (HE)
   firing post:
   thermal imager:
   missile tube: in tactical container:

5 kg
5 kg
3.5 kg
12.5 kg
Range: 50 m to 600 m
Time of flight to maximum range: 4.3 seconds
Guidance: optically tracked, single wire semi-automatic command to line of sight
Control: thrust vector controlled
Missile velocity
   at launch:
   at 600 m:

18 m/s
245 m/s
Rate of fire: 5 missiles in two minutes
Operating conditions: -31C to +51C
Sights: optical and thermal imagery


   Mirabel thermal imager:
Aerospatiale, France
TCO/Asaca, Montreal, Canada
Simtran, Montreal, Canada
Lockheed Martin Solartron Systems, United Kingdom

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