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The BMR-600 (Blindado Medio de Ruedas) is a six-wheeled light armored vehicle manufactured in Spain under French license. To 1972 the Spanish Army fixed the tactical and technical requirements for a wheeled armored vehicle for the transport and movement of a squad of infantry to and in the zone battle. Designed by the Commission of Development of Armored Vehicles, the Army, and the Direction of Projects of ENASA, the prototype the Pegaso BMR-600 was evaluated over four years and entered production in 1979, with versions for personnel, mortar carriers of 81 and 120 mm, recovery-repair and ambulance. On the other hand, the Army made those of transmissions of the Mount Olympus system and combat engineers BMR-VCZ. The BMR has been exported to Saudi Arabia and Egypt and employed effectively in real situation as much by the Saudí forces during the campaign of Kuwait of 1991 ande by the Spanish troops in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania. The BMR-600 is in service in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Peru.

The Spanish Army is modernizing it with a new motor, additional plates of armor, and a system of bacteriological and chemical defense. On 29 May 1994 the program of modernization of 646 units was approved, jointly executed by Santa Barbara Armor and the Park and Center of Maintenance of System Cover with armor (PCMSA. The updates also include a new system of fuel supply, adjustable height steering, fire-fighting and antiexplosion system.


Country of origin Spain
Crew 12
Weight 14 ton
Dimensions 6.15 Xs 2.50 Xs 2 m
Armament 1X12,70 mm
Motor Pegaso @ 306 hp (being replaced by a Scania @ 310 hp)
Suspension Hydropneumatics of independent elements McPhearson
Traction 6 Xs 6
Speed Maximum - 100 Km/h
water (with hidrochorros), 9 Km/h.
Autonomy 1,000 Km

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