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AT-7 Metis Saxhorn
AT-13 Metis-M

The Russians characterize the AT-7 ATGM complex as light or manportable (5-20 kg), permitting long-distance carry by dismounted infantry. Although the AT-13 complex slightly exceeds 20 kg, it is close enough to fit into the category. Guidance elevation has a 15 span. Because the module is small and can be quickly corrected by shifting, elevation and field of view are operationally unlimited, and permit use against hovering or stationary helicopters. The Russian 1PN86V/Mulat-115 thermal sight is available for use on the launcher, with detection at 3,200 meters and recognition beyond the missile's 1,500 meter range. Field of view is 4.6.


Name AT-7/Saxhorn AT-13
Alternative Designations Metis Metis-M (often mislabeled Metis-2)
Date of Introduction 1978 1992
Proliferation At least 5 countries
Missile Weight (kg) 6.3 (in tube)13.8 (in tube)
Warhead Type Shaped Charge (HEAT) Tandem Shaped Charge (HEAT)
Armor Penetration (mm) 460 1,000/900 behind ERA
Minimum/Maximum Range (m) 40/1,00080/1500
Probability of Hit (%) 90 90
Average Velocity (m/s) 180 287
Time of Flight to Max Range (sec) 6.2 8
Launcher Designations 9P151 Firing Post
Crew 2
Primary mount Ground mount on tripod
Alternate mounts Shoulder for launch, UAZ-469 pintel mount
Weight Overall, Excluding Missile (kg) 10.2
Length Overall in Firing Position (m) 0.78 with AT-7/Metis0.98 with AT-13/Metis-M
Height Overall In Firing Position (m) 0.72 with AT-7/Metis
Width Overall In Firing Position (m) INA
Launcher Name 9P151 Firing Post
Launch Method Tube
Elevation () -5/+10
Rate of Launch (missiles/min) 3-5, depending on range
Reaction Time (sec) INA
Emplacement Time (min) 0.20
Displacement Time (min) 0.33
Ready/Stowed Missiles 4/0 (1 on launcher )
FIRE CONTROL Name 9S816 Guidance system
Guidance SACLOS
Command Link Wire
Beacon Type INA
Tracker Type IR
Susceptible To Countermeasures EO jammers, smoke, counterfire
Counter-countermeasures INA
Rangefinder Frequency INA
Counter-countermeasures INA
Gunner Field of View () INA
Acquisition Range (m) INA
Night Sights Available

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