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Ataka-V VIKhR 9M120 (AT-16)

A modification of the Shturm-V family is the Ataka-V family of missiles used on Mi-28 helicopters and on the latest Ka-50 helicopter. The Vikhr antitank missile is also the main weapon of the Su-39. The aircraft is armed with 16 such missiles The Ataka-V family includes several versions, the basic one being the 9M120 with a shaped-charge warhead against armored targets and its improved version being the 9M220. Addition of a second warhead, a demolition warhead, has created the Fugasnaya [High-Explosive] 9M120F. Another version used against airborne targets is the 9A2200 with a rod warhead. All these missiles of the Ataka-V family have semiautomatic radio command guidance and a 6000 m range, the producer quoting a 0.95 probability of a hit. Missiles of the Malutka-Falanga-Shturm-Ataka families were built by the "Mashinostroyenie" Design Bureau in Izhevsk, which had been established by Boris Shavyrin and is now directed by Sergey Niepobiedimyy.


Contractor NPO Mashinostroyenie
Entered Service
Total length
Warhead Weight HEAT
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range
  • 10,000 m
  • Effective against ground & air targets at converging speeds to 800 km/h.
  • Penetration 900 mm
    Guidance mode Laser Beam Rider SACLOS
    Single-shot hit probability 0.95 probability claimed

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