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Ariete [Ram] Main Battle Tank

The Italian Army has decided to procure two types of combat vehicle, tracked main battle tanks and wheeled armoured vehicles. To meet the specifications for vehicles for intervention in classic battlefield operations, a second-generation battle tank and an infantry fighting vehicle have been developed. The Ariete CI is currently being brought into service and studies are being carried out for an advanced second or third-generation battle tank. The Italian Army took delivery of its first Ariete main battle tank in December 1995.

Ariete has a crew of four, a combat weight of 52 tonnes, a maximum speed of 65 km/h, a 550 km range and is able to surmount 60% gradients. It comes mounted with a 120 mm gun, integrated fire control system with laser rangefinder and a 7.62 mm machine gun. It will also be fitted with a stabilised panoramic periscope with night and day sight (infrared camera) and a digital fire control system and other advanced technological facilities.


Source Italian
Contractor Alenia/OTO Breda
Weight48 t approximately
Crew4 men
Main armamentgun from 120 milimeter to smooth spirit
Secondary armamentn. 2 7.62 machine-guns cal. milimeter
Apparatuses of trackingdiurno/notturno stabilized
Computers of shootingdigitalises
Motorposteriorly supercharged, installed diesel engine, with power of 1200 HP
Transmissionhydromechanical with retarder secondary
Suspensionsto torque arm with hydraulic shocks-absorber
Speed max65 Km/h
Superskillful slope max60%

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