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9P149 ATGM Launcher Vehicle

The 9P149 vehicle is a marriage of basic MTLB chassis with the Shturm (AT-6) ATGM system. Other missiles (AT-6b and AT-6c) can be launched from helicopters; but their length exceeds the 1832-mm limit for the Shturm-S autoloader. A modular AT-6 ATGM launcher system with launcher and autoloader is available for installation on vehicles, fixed sites and boats.


Alternative Designations Shturm-S
Date of Introduction 1990
Proliferation At least 9 countries
Crew 2
Platform MT-LB
Combat Weight (mt) 12.3
Chassis Length Overall (m) 6.35
Height (m)
Overall 1.8
In Firing Position INA
Width Overall (m) 2.85
Automotive Performance
Engine Type 290-hp Diesel
Cruising Range (km) 500 km
Speed (km/h)
Max Road 65
Max Off-Road INA
Average Cross-Country INA
Max Swim 3-4
Fording Depths (m) Amphibious
Self-Entrenching Blade Yes
Radio R-123M or R-173
Armor, Turret Front (mm) 7-14
Applique Armor (mm) N/A
Explosive Reactive Armor (mm) N/A
Active Protective System N/A
NBC Protection System Collective
Smoke Equipment N/A
Antitank Guided Missile Launcher
Name INA
Launch Method tube-launched
Number of missiles on launcher 1
Elevation () -5/+15
Rate of Launch (missiles/min) 2-3, depending on range
Reaction Time (sec) INA
Emplacement Time (min) INA
Displacement Time (min) INA
Can Launch Missiles Simultaneously N/A
Ready/Stowed Missiles 12/ 0
Loader Type Automated
Launcher dismountable No
Auxiliary Launcher No
Fire on the Move No
Guidance SACLOS
Command Link Radio frequency
Beacon Type INA
Tracker Type IR
Susceptible To Countermeasures Smoke, counterfire
Counter-countermeasures 5 encoded frequencies
Rangefinder INA
Infrared Searchlight INA
Sights w/Magnification
Field of View () INA
Acquisition Range (m) 5,000
Night Yes
Field of View () INA
Acquisition Range (m) INA
Antitank Guided Missiles
Alternative Designations Kokon
Missile Weight (kg) 46.5 (in tube)
Warhead Type Shaped Charge (HEAT)
Armor Penetration (mm) 750, 600 behind ERA
Minimum/ Maximum Range (m) 400/5,000
Probability of Hit (%) 90
Average Velocity (m/s) 345
Time of Flight to Max Range (sec) 14.5
Name AT-9
Alternative Designations Ataka
Missile Weight (kg) 48.3 (in tube)
Warhead Type Tandem Shaped Charge (HEAT)
Armor Penetration (mm) 950, 800 behind ERA
Minimum/Maximum Range (m) 400/6,000, 5,000 ground use
Probability of Hit (%) 90
Average Velocity (m/s) 400
Time of Flight to Max Range (sec) 15.0 (12.5 in ground use)
Other Missile Types AT-6 HE thermobaric, AT-9 HE thermobaric

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