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2S6M Tunguska Anti-Aircraft Artillery

In addition to the 8 mounted ready missiles two additional missiles can be carried inside. Range out to 10 km for hovering aircraft and low flying targets. There is a 2S6M1 variant/upgrade, which has improved missile control, range and altitude capabilities of 1.5-10 km, and 0.015-6 km respectively. An artist`s concept of the Soviet ZSU-X anti-aircraft system was released by the US Department of Defense in January 1987. However, as of November 1997 the 2S6M1 was not known to be fielded.


Alternative Designations 2K22M, Tunguska-M
Date of Introduction 1990
Proliferation At least 2 countries
Crew 4
Combat Weight (mt) 34
Chassis GM-352M tracked vehicle
Chassis Length Overall (m) 7.93
Height (m)
TAR up 4.02
TAR down 3.36
Width Overall (m) 3.24
Automotive Performance
Engine Type V-12 turbo diesel
Cruising Range (km) 500
Speed (km/h)
Max. Road 65
Max. Swim INA
Fording Depths (m) INA
Radio R-173
NBC Protection System Yes
Caliber, Type, Name 30-mm gun, 2A38M
Rate of Fire (rd/min) 4,800 (four gun total)
Reload Time (min) gun ammunition and missiles in about 16 min.
Elevation (°) (-/+) -10 to + 87°
Fire on Move Yes
Missile 9M311
Range (m)
Max. Range 8,000-10,000
Min. Range 2,500
Altitude (m)
Max. Altitude 3,500
Min. Altitude 15
Length (m) 2.83
Weight (kg) 57 (in container)
Missile Speed (m/s) 600-900
Guidance SACLOS
Seeker Field of View(°) INA
Tracking Rate INA
Warhead Type Frag-HE
Warhead Weight (kg) 9
Fuze Type Proximity
Self-Destruct (sec) INA
System Reaction Time (sec) 6-12
Fire on Move No (must be at a halt to fire the missile)
Sights w/magnification
Stabilized optical sight 1A29M
Magnification 8x
Field of View(°) 8 o
Commander’s position IR day/night sight
Radars HOT SHOT radar system
Name 1RL144 (TAR)
Function Target Acquisition
Detection Range (km) 18-20
Tracking Range (km) INA
Frequency 2-3 GHz
Frequency Band E
Name 1RL144M (TTR)
Function Target Tracking
Detection Range (km) 16
Tracking Range (km) INA
Frequency 10-20 GHz
Frequency Band J
Type AP-T, Frag-T, HE-I
Range (m)
Max. Range 4,000
Min. Range 200
Altitude (m)
Max. Altitude 3,000
Min. Altitude 0
Projectile Weight (kg) INA

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