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Raptor Intelligent Combat Outpost

The Raptor Intelligent Combat Outpost is a suite of munitions, sensors, communication system and software that enable the commander to protect his battlespace. In short, it is envisioned that it will consist of four components, three of which are constant and one variable. The constants are the air deliverable acoustic sensors, an artificial intelligence platform (the gateway), and a ground control station. The attack munition is the variable. While the current smart munition is the Product Improved Hornet PIP (Wide Area Munition), ultimately the munition will be designed to provide the effects consistent with the situation and the commander's intent. The munition could be either lethal, or non-lethal.

The system will have the capability to be used in the following ways:

Raptor fields may be hand emplaced or air delivered. Prior to emplacement, each Raptor munition is associated with a gateway. When activated by the manned ground control station, each munition deploys and its sensors are activated. When targets enter the field, each munition reports its range and bearing estimates of its two loudest targets to the gateway where a consolidated view of the entire target array is developed. This information is relayed periodically to the ground control station for display. When the control station operator determines the vehicles are hostile and should be engaged, he selects and sends to the gateway one of three engagement strategies. On receipt, the field is considered armed since the gateway may enable or direct a launch without further human intervention.

Raptor is in the Concept Exploration phase of the acquisition cycle. It is envisioned that Raptor will be developed in two phases. Phase one, Core Raptor will be capable of completing the user threshold requirements and Phase two, Objective Raptor will fulfill the users desired requirements. Scheduled First Unit Equipped (FUE) for Core Raptor is FY06. Although the actual basis of issue for Raptor has not been determined, each Raptor system will consist of the following:
Ground Control Station


Air Deliverable Acoustic Sensors

Hornet PIP Munitions


2 min.

3 min.


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