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MP-5N Heckler and Koch 9mm Submachine Gun

Manufacturer: Heckler and Koch
Collapsed stock: 19.29 inches (49 centimeters)
Extended stock: 25.98 inches (66 centimeters)
Weight: 7.44 pounds (3.38 kilograms) (w/30 round magazine)
Bore diameter: 9mm (.355 inches)
Maximum effective range: 328.1 feet (100 meters)
Rate of fire: 800 rounds per minute
Unit Replacement Cost: $894

Features: The MP5-N fires from a closed and locked bolt in either the automatic or semiautomatic modes. This gun is recoil operated and has a unique delayed roller locked bolt system, a retractable butt stock, a removable suppressor, and illuminating flashlight integral to the forward handguard. The flashlight is operated by a pressure switch custom fitted to the pistol grip. This is the same basic weapon used by the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team and other world-class counter-terrorist organizations.
The present inventory includes both suppressed and non-suppressed versions of the MP5. The basic configuration of this weapon makes for an ideal size, weight,and capable (accuracy, lethality, reliability, etc.) close quarters battle weapon system.

Background: This weapon is manufactured by Heckler and Koch and is presently fielded to Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Companies and Marine Security Force Battalions. It is currently considered the main weapon in the close quarters battle (CQB) environment.

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