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MK48 Logistics Vehicle System (LVS)

Background: The Marine Corps fielded the heavy tactical vehicle system during the mid 1980s. The Logistics Vehicle System (LVS) is a modular system consisting of a MK48 front power unit and, originally, four interchangeable rear body units (RBU). The front power unit and rear body units are joined by a hydraulically powered articulated joint that assists in steering the vehicle and allows a degree of independent movement between the front and rear units for more mobility. The articulated joint transfers automotive power to the RBU axles and hydraulic power for any hydraulically operated equipment. The completed units are 8x8 systems with two front steering axles. The LVS has an off road payload of 12.5 tons and an on road payload of 22.5 tons. There are approximately 1800 front power units and 2200 rear body units in the Marine Corps inventory.

MK48, Front Power Unit - The MK48 Front Power Unit is an enclosed cab, diesel powered, automatic transmission, 4x4 vehicle that provides all automotive and hydraulic power for the LVS combinations.

MK14, Container Transporter Rear Body Unit - The MK14 Container Transporter Rear Body Unit is a flatbed trailer for transporting bulk cargo and standardized cargo containers. It is equipped with ISO lock points for securing 20 foot standard containers, the Marine Corps Field Logistics System (FLS) bulk liquid tanks and pump units (SIXCONS), and standard Marine Corps Expeditionary Shelter System (MCESS). The MK14 can also be equipped with a tow bar adapter kit that allows it to be tandem towed as an un-powered trailer behind a MK48/MK14 combination. The tandem tow is limited to the 12.5 ton off road payload.

MK15, Recovery / Wrecker Rear Body Unit - The MK15 Recovery/Wrecker Rear Body Unit provides a lift and tow capability and to recover disabled vehicles. The MK15 is a fully equipped wrecker designed to recover, lift and tow vehicles. Lifting is accomplished by an A-frame (32,000 lbs rating) attached to the rear of the MK15. A heavy duty rear winch (60,000 lbs rating) enables the wrecker to free mired vehicles. The wrecker is equipped with a material handling crane (9,000 lbs at 15 ft rating) used for changing power packs, and loading equipment and bulky cargo. An auxiliary hydraulic circuit on the vehicle provides power for tools and can also be used to supply another trailer (MK15, MK16, MK17, or MK18) with hydraulic power.

MK16, 5th Wheel Semi-trailer Adapter Rear Body Unit - The MK16 5th Wheel Semi-trailer Adapter Rear Body Unit is designed to move semi-trailers with loads up to 70 tons. A winch (60,000 lbs rating) mounted in front of the fifth wheel is capable of pulling a load onto a semi-trailer without using the load's own power. The MK16 has a 36-inch fifth wheel and a 3.5 inch kingpin.

MK17, Dropside Cargo Rear Body Unit - The MK17 Dropside Cargo Rear Body Unit with Material Handling Crane is a dropside bulk cargo vehicle with an integral hydraulically operated crane to provide a self loading capability. The side panels of the cargo bed can be dropped down or removed for cargo loading/unloading. The side panels also provide seating for troops. A material handling crane (9,000 lbs at 15 ft rating) at the rear of the vehicle is used to load/unload equipment and cargo. The MK48/MK17 can also tow and position the M198 Howitzer.

MK18, Self-loading Container and Ribbon Bridge Transporter - Since the initial fielding, 325 MK14s have been converted to the MK18 Self-loading Container and Ribbon Bridge Transporter. The MK18 is capable of self loading and off-loading fully loaded 20 foot standard containers and the ribbon bridge interior and ramp bays and standard bridge boat. An additional 164 MK14s will be converted during 1996 and 1997 to the MK18A1 configuration. The MK18A1 differs from the MK18 in the loading and off-loading mechanism.

Vehicle Specifications

Manufacturer: Oshkosh Truck Corporation



Equipment Specifications:

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