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Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Alarm (MICAD)

MICAD photo The MICAD is a near real-time integrated NBC detection, warning, and reporting system to be employed in area warning, combat and armored vehicles, and tactical van and shelter mission profiles. The MICAD automates the currently laborious NBC warning and reporting process throughout the battlefield by automating the gathering of NBC contamination data from fielded NBC detector/ sensors and automatically formats and transmits alarms and NBC-1 and NBC-4 Reports up the chain of command throughout the battlefield. The MICAD will be Maneuver Control System (MCS) compatible and will provide the NBC-1 and NBC-4 Reports to the Automated Nuclear Biological and Chemical Information System (ANBACIS) for processing at Battalion level. Hardware developed during the Engineering and Manufacturing Development phase consists of:

The hardware will interface with the M43A1 Chemical Alarm, the Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm (ACADA), the AN/VDR-2 Radiac set, other existing and developmental NBC detectors, existing and future command and control radios, and vehicle navigation systems. The Display/Control monitors and displays data received from the NBC detectors or over the command and control radio net and automatically formats and transmits an NBC-1 or NBC-4 Report when an NBC hazard is detected.


Operational Requirements Document: 29 Nov 92

New Material Release: FY02


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