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Enhanced Fiber Optic Guided Missile (EFOGM)
Guided Missile, Surface Attack: YMGM-157B

The YMGM-157B is a terminal homing missile that utilizes a fiber optic data link to transmit and receive command and sensor data with a mobile fire unit to find and defeat threat targets masked behind hills, foliage or in urban settings. The missile employs a high resolution infrared video camera in the nose of the missile to provide the gunner with a unobstructed view of the surrounding terrain from the missile's perspective. The gunner can pan the missile's seeker to investigate targets of opportunity as the missile flies a non-ballistic flight path around or over obstructing terrain to pre-selected target areas. Once launched, the missile utilizes inertial instruments to automatically navigate the missile along a preprogrammed flight path up to 15 kilometers in length. The gunner is utilized as a discriminating man-in-the-loop sensor to identify and designate targets and to assist in refining the missile's aimpoint on vulnerable locations of the target. A top attack trajectory, exceptional terminal precision and a shaped charge kill mechanism work together as an extremely lethal combination against heavily armed targets masked behind cover. No other Army missile provides this kind of man-in-the- loop capability to minimize fratricide while inflicting precise kills in an integrated battlefield.

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