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M821/M889 81mm HE Mortar Cartridges

The M821A2, M821A1 and M889A1 High Explosive Cartridges are designed for use with the M252 81mm Mortar System and are used against personnel, bunker and light materiel targets. The high fragmentation steel projectile is loaded with Composition B explosive. The cartridges are identical with the exception of the fuze. The M821A2 is equipped with the M734A1 Multi-Option Fuze which can be set to function in the Proximity, Impact, or Delay mode. The M821A1 is equipped with the M734 Multi-Option Fuze. The M889A1 is equipped with the M935 Point Detonating Fuze which functions in the Impact mode. Each M821A2/821A1/889A1 is packed in a fiber container and three packed rounds are assembled into a PA156 Metal Container.
Charge Zone
066 m/s70 m425 m
1149 m/s300 m1900 m
2208 m/s550 m3300 m
3259 m/s750 m4600 m
4305 m/s950 m5900 m

Maximum Rate of Fire.........30 rounds/min (2 minutes)
Sustained Rate of Fire..........15 rounds/min
Cartridge Weight..........4.14 kg (9.1 lb)
Type Classified Standard..........July 1991 (M821A1/M889A1)
Type Classified Standard...........May 1996 (M821A2)

The M821A2/821A1/889A1 consists of the following major components: The M821/M889 are 81mm HE Mortar Cartridges. These are NDI items produced in the United Kingdom.

Contractor: Royal Ordnance
Procurement Type: Production
Previous Contracts: 5
Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price
Production Qty: 23,000,000
Scope: Production

The M821A1/M889A1, HE Cartridges are used with the M252 Mortar System. The M821A1/M889A1 are significantly redesigned from the British Configuration and will be produced in the US and Canada providing a domestic source for the 81mm HE cartridge. Both the range and lethality have been improved over the M821/M889 cartridges.

Contractor: Milan AAP (LAP)/Medico Ind.(Body)
Procurement Type: Production
Previous Contracts: 1
Production Qty: 650,000
Scope: Production with standard components procured through Conventional Ammunition Capital Working Fund(AMCCOM)

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