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M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV)

DESCRIPTION: The M728 CEV is a full-tracked armored vehicle which consists of a basic M60A1 tank with a hydraulically operated debris blade, a 165mm turret mounted demolition gun, a retractable boom and a winch. The demolition gun may be elevated or depressed for use at various ranges up to 925 meters and is coaxial mounted with a 7.62mm machine gun. A .50 caliber machine gun is cupola mounted. A mine clearing rake was specially designed and fabricated to be a "tool" for the CEV in Desert Storm. The full width rake allows the CEV to clear minefields in non-cohesive, granular soils.

STATUS: The CEV was placed in service in 1965 with a total of 291 vehicles. Currently improvements for the operations readiness are being implemented. These improvements will ensure that the CEV remains a valuable asset until replacement vehicles are fielded. During Operation Desert Storm the CEV proved unable to manoeuvre with the heavy force due to the inability of the M60 chassis and power train to keep pace with the MIA1. They also had difficulties associated with maintaining an obsolete, low-density piece of eqpt. Many manoeuvre units simply left the CEV behind rather than slow their manoeuvre. Such was the case with the Mine Rake mounted on the CEV. Commanders planned for their use as a part of the deliberate breaching operation, but left them behind once they began the pursuit and exploitation phase of the operation. Commanders were unanimous in their opinion that the engineerr force needs M1 chassis' for heavy breaching and gap crossing equipment

EMPLOYMENT CONCEPT: The CEV provides Engineers in the forward combat area with a versatile, armor-protected means of performing mobility tasks under hostile fire. Tasks include reduction of roadblocks and obstacles; filling craters, ditches and short dry gaps; limited construction of combat trails; construction of obstacles; and clearing of rubble and debris.

BASIS OF ISSUE: The CEV is issued two per Engineer Company in the Heavy Division, two per Engineer Company in Corps (Mechanized), three per Engineer Company in Armor/Infantry Separate Brigades and three per Engineer Company in the Armored Cavalry Regiment.

TRAINING/PERSONNEL: The U.S. Army Engineer Center provides training during Advanced Individual Training for the Track Vehicle Crewman (MOS 12F), Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Engineer Officer Basic Course and Engineer Officer Advanced Course. At the unit level, training will be conducted on the actual piece of equipment as on-the-job training. Training Extension Course lessons are also available for refresher training at the unit level.

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