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M724A1 105mm TPDS-T

The M724A1 cartridge is used for gunnery training in tank mounted 105 mm gun cannons. This discarding sabot round is similar in external appearance and is ballistically similar to 2000 meters with the APDS-T Cartridge M392A2. It is used as a training surrogate for all 105 mm kinetic energy cartridges including the M735, M774,M833, and M900. There is atracer located in the base of the projectile.

A plastic band encircles the sabot at the forward end. A fiber rotating band and rubber obturating band are mounted toward the base of the sabot. The igniter tube of the electric primer extends almost the length of the propellant, packed loosely in the cartridge case.

The electrically initiated primer ignites the propelling charge and tracer. Gases produced by the burning propellant propel the projectile from the gun. The tracer burns for a minimum of 2.5 seconds. The sabot is discarded after leaving the muzzle of the weapon, as a result of setback, centrifugal, and air pressure forces. The solid core of the projectile continues to the target. Since it is a practice round, the projectile lacks the penetrating capability of a service round.

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