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M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC)

DESCRIPTION: The MICLIC is a rocket projected explosive line charge which provides a "close-in" breaching capability for maneuver forces. It is effective against conventionally fused mines and, when detonated, it provides a lane 8 meters by 100 meters. The MICLIC system consists of an M353 3-1/2 ton or M200A1 2-1/2 ton trailer (or M200 tracked trailer) chassis, a launcher assembly, an M147 firing kit, an M58A3 line charge and a 5-inch MK22 Mod 4 rocket. The line charge is 350 feet long and contains 5 pounds per linear foot of composition C-4 explosive.

STATUS: The US Army approved acquisition of the US Marine Corps' M58A3 Trailer Mounted Line Charge as a non-developmental item in Dec 83. MICLIC was type classified in Aug 85. Fielding to USAREUR occurred in FY88. Fielding to NG units continues.

EMPLOYMENT CONCEPT: Engineer units employ MICLIC in response to minefield breaching requirements identified by the maneuver unit. A typical mission is as follows: The Engineer Company's MICLIC trailers are moved to a position designated by the maneuver commander and the line charge prepared for firing by an Engineer squad. Suitable combat vehicles tow the MICLIC trailers to the point of the breach. Movement to the firing site and execution is done under control of the breaching force commander. A second MICLIC may be fired from the breached lane if a longer breach is required. After firing, the empty trailer is reloaded with another line charge brought forward from the supply trains, if additional breaching missions are anticipated. It may also be towed to a preselected position and dropped for later recovery by support elements.


TRAINING/PERSONNEL: Training for MICLIC is conducted through service schools, technical manuals, Training Extension Course tapes, Army Training and Evaluation Program and unit training. All combat arms officer and NCO courses include MICLIC employment considerations in obstacle breaching instruction. An inert M68A2 line charge is used for training. An improved MICLIC trainer is nearing completion. It will allow inert training on more installations due to a smaller range fan. A light trainer has been approved for garrison training.

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