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M577A3 Command Post Carrier

M577A3 Command Post CarrierThe M577A3 Tracked Command Post Carriers are full-tracked lightweight vehicles used as an operational staff office and command post. The M577A3 incorporates the RISE powerpack and improved driver controls.

The vehicle is C130 air transportable, however it is not air droppable.

Additional materiel changes, outside of the A3 RISE Block Modifications, could also be applied to the M577. PM-M113's intention is to block the materiel changes as funding becomes available.

5 KW APU Fuel Lines This M577 change allows replacement of the 4.2 KW gasoline powered auxiliary power unit (APU) on the M577A2 with the 5 KW diesel powered APU.

Other M577 changes could include:

The XM577A4 Stretch has an interior volume of 502 cubic feet (an increase of 108 cubic feet) and a payload capacity of over 5000 pounds, making it equivalent in capacity to the S-280 tactical shelter. The XM577A4 Stretch Armored Tactical Command and Control System is a prototype Stretch version of the M577A3 Armored Command Post. By using the RISE power package, the vehicle incorporates a sixth road wheel and longer hull to provide more interior space and increased payload capacity.The XM577A4 Stretch is capable of carrying bolt-on armor as well as crew compartment spall liners for additional side and top attack protection. The XM577A4 stretch was developed by United Defense, L.P. as an Independent Research and Development program. This vehicle is currently being considered as a platform for Hazardous Material Operational Roles.


 Weight, combat loaded   31,800 lb. (14,424 kg)
 Curb weight  26,430 lb. (11,989 kg)
 Personnel capacity  8
 Fuel tank capacity  95 gallons (360 liters)
 Ground pressure  8.1 psi (0.57 kg/cm2)


 Basic hull  5083 Aluminum
 Bolt-on armor (Top, Side, Belly)  Passive
 Spall suppressant  Composite panel

 Mast, Telescoping

 Uses standard kit antenna head RC-292, OE-254/GRC
 Power  Pneumatic
 Extended head height  30 feet
 Extend time  35 seconds
 Power source  Electric pump w/ remote
 Back-up Power  Hand Pump


 Speed on land  40 mi/h (64.37 km/h)
 Cruising range  300 mi (483 km)
 Turning radius  Axle to infinite
 Slope  60%
 Side slope  30%
 Trench crossing  86 in. (218 cm)
 Vertical wall climbing  24 in. (61 cm)
 Braking (20-0 mi/h)  40 ft.


 Make and model  Detroit Diesel 6V53T
 Type  Two stroke cycle
 Displacement  318 in.3 (5.2 liter)
 Fuel  Diesel (DF2)
 Rated horsepower  275 hp
 Gross horsepower-to-weight ratio  17.3 hp/ton (19.3 hp/metric ton)

 Transmission, Automatic

 Make and model Allison X200-4
 Type Hydrokinetic
 Steering  Hydrostatic
 Brake type  Multiple wet plate

 Running Gear

 Suspension  Torsion bar
 Road wheels  6 per side, 24 inch diameter (61 cm)
 Track type  Steel single pin, detachable rubber pad
 Number of shoes  72 left, 73 right
 Track pitch  6 in. (15.2 cm)
 Track width  15 in. (38 cm)
 Shock absorbers  3 per side
 Wheel travel  9.0 in. (22.9 cm)

 Electrical System

 Alternator  200 amperes
 Voltage 28 vdc
 Batteries 4, type 6TL, 120 amp-hr, 12-volt each

  Fire Extinguishers

 Fixed  5 lb. (2.3 kg) CO2 for engine compartment
 Portable  5 lb. (2.3 kg) CO2

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