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M48/M49 Chemical-Biological Aircraft Mask

XM48 PhotoThe M43 protective mask was developed for the AH-64 helicopter and consists of a form-fitting facepiece with lenses mounted close to the eyes; an integrally attached CB hood and skull-type suspension system; an inhalation air distribution assembly for regulating the flow of air to the oronasal cavity, lenses, and hood; a pressure compensated exhalation valve assembly for maintaining overpressure in the mask/hood; an electronic microphone; and a portable motor/blower filter assembly which operates on either battery or aircraft power. The mask provides the required CB protection and allows for compatibility with the AH-64 Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System and the Optical Relay Tube. The M43A1 is a pre-planned product improved M43.

The M48/M49 is a product improvement of the M43A1. The M48/M49 incorporates user-requested features. CBDCOM (ERDEC) has tested and validated a man-mounted motor blower for use with the M48/M49 masks. The motor blower is lighter and has a better operating time than the M43/M43A1's motor blower. It has a lighter weight, pilot-mounted, motor blower, it does not require an aircraft mounting bracket, and it can operate continuously for 8 hours on a single battery. ERDEC is purchasing motor blowers, hoses, swivels, and straps to retrofit existing M43A1 facepieces to the M48 and M49 configuration. Apache aviator use the M48 mask while the general aviators (all helicopters except Apache) use the M49 mask. The mask provides protection against nuclear, Biological, and chemical agents. The M49 will replace the M24 protective mask, as the general aviator's mask. The M48 will replace the M43 mask and will be worn only by Apache Helicopter Aviators.



Type Classified Standard A: M48 - 19 Jun 96; M49 - Dec 95

Basis of Issue: One-for-one replacement of M24 masks issued to aircrew members.

Production Deliveries Start: 2QFY97

New Materiel Release: 2QFY97

First Unit Equipped: 1QFY98

Unit Price: $2,800

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