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M118 Composition C4 Block Demolition Charge

CHARACTERISTICS: The M118 block demolition charge, or sheet explosive, is a block of four .50-pound sheets of flexible explosive packed in a plastic envelope. Twenty M118 charges and a package of 80 M8 blasting cap holders are packed in a wooden box. Each sheet of the explosive has a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape attached to one surface. Relative effectiveness factor is 1.14.

USE: M118 block demolition charge is designed as a cutting charge especially to be used against steel targets. The sheets of explosive can be quickly applied to irregular and curved surfaces and easily cut to any desired dimensions. The M118 demolition charge may be used for small breaching charges but should not be used as a bulk explosive charge because of its high cost.

ADVANTAGES: The flexibility and adhesive backing of the sheets allow them to be applied to a large variety of targets. The .50-pound sheets can be cut to the desired dimensions and applied in layers to achieve the desired thickness. They are not affected by water and may be used in underwater demolitions.

LIMITATIONS: Adhesive tape will not adhere to wet, dirty, rusty, or frozen surfaces. These sheet explosives are to be cut with a sharp steel knife on a nonsparking surface. Do not use shears. Composition C4 explosives are poisonous and dangerous if chewed or ingested; their detonation or burning produces poisonous fumes.

STATUS: In production to support peacetime losses. C4 will replace current stocks of TNT, PETN, and Military Dynamite.

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