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M110A2 Self-Propelled Howitzer

The M110A2 is a self-propelled heavy artillery cannon with a crew of 12. Designed to be part of a common family of weapons utilising the same chassis components, the M107 and M110 were essentially the same vehicle mounting different barrels. This full-tracked, self-propelled artillery weapon that fires a 200-pound, eight-inch diameter projectile. The shell leaves the muzzle at a velocity of 2,300 feet per second and can travel more than 18 miles. Ammunition includes standard high explosives, bomblets and high explosive rockets. It is found in some corps artillery units. This howitzer system was designed to provide medium-range, general support artillery fire. Powered by a Detroit Diesel, it is not armored and can travel at a top speed of between 30 an 45 miles per hour. The M110A2 was built by Bowen-McLauchlin-York of York, Pennsylvania. Widely used in Vietnam, the Army received this howitzer in 1963. There were 1,023 M-110A2s in the Army inventory in the early 1990s, prior to the system being phased out of service.


Type: 203mm SP Howitzer
Crew: 5 + 8
Vehicle Range: 725 km
Max. Speed: 56 km/h
Fording: 1 m
Vertical Obstacle: .5 m
Gap Crossing: 2.3 m
Armament: 1 x 203mm M2a1 Howitzer
Armour: nil

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