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XM1082 LMTV Trailer (LMTVT)

The XM1082 LMTV Trailer (LMTVT) is designed to be towed by the LMTV family of vehicles. The M1082 trailer is a single axle trailer with a gross payload capacity of 5000 pounds. The trailer is equipped with an air brake system acutated from the prime mover brake systems and a parking brake system to prevent movement of the trailer when not connected to the prime mover. A canvas and bows kit is provided to protect the cargo from the elements.



Trailer (M1082)



Length Overall 209.5" (5,321 mm)
Cargo Bed (inside) 148.8" (3,780 mm)
Height Overall 78.8" (2,002 mm) 
Deck Height Empty 60.3" (1,532 mm)
Loaded 57.0" (1,448 mm)
Width Overall (outside) 96" (2,438 mm)
Cargo Bed (inside) 90.8" (2,306 mm)
Vehicle Curb Weight (VCW) 6,510 lb (2,953 kg) 
Gross Curb Weight (GVW) 11,510 lb (5,221 kg)
Tongue Weight at VCW 750 lb (340 kg)
at GVW 1,400 lb (635 kg)
Ground Clearance Loaded 13.5" (343 mm)
Empty 16" (406 mm)

Performance Characteristics

Maximum Grade 60%
Slide Slope 30%
Fording 60" (1,524 mm) 
Maximum Payload 5,000 lb (2,268 kg)

Equipment Specifications

Axle Rockwell Single
Brakes Air-activated, internal expansion
Antilock System Yes
Cargo Bed Construction All-steel, E-coat rustproofing dropside with side rail storage
Ladder Stowed, metallic
Tie Down Points Yes
Standard Option Bows and tarp kit
Electric System 12/24 Volt with blackout
Tires 395/80R20 
Integral Sling Bar Slung under CH-47 and CH-53
Suspension High travel single axle leaf parabolic spring with anti-sway bar

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