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M106 Self-propelled 107mm Mortar
M125 Self-propelled 81mm Mortar
M1064A3 Self-propelled 120mm Mortar

m1064A3 photoThe M1064A3 is a member of the M113A3 Vehicle Family developed and produced by FMC Corporation. Power is supplied by a 275hp Detroit Diesel 6V53T turbocharged diesel engine driving through an Allison X200-4 (cross-drive) transmission.

The M1064A3 incorporates all of the mobility, reliability improvements of the M113A3, including powertrain, engine diagnostics, driver's station, and electrical system. Survivability is enhanced through the use of external fuel tanks.

The M1064A3 has the same silhouette as the M113A3 Personnel Carrier and features a welded-in cross beam, additional floor support structures to withstand mortar reaction forces, and an enlarged three-piece top firing hatch. The 120mm weapon has a 90 traverse for firing over the rear of the vehicle.

The M106 107mm Mortar Carrier has a 4.2 inch (107mm) M30 mortar mounted on turntable in the rear which fires through a large hatch in the roof. The baseplate for the mortar is mounted externally on the left side of the vehicle for use when firing the mortar dismounted. The M125 is of similar design, carrying a 81mm mortar. Kits to convert M106 and M125 vehicles to the M1064A3 configuration are available.


 Weight, combat loaded  28,240 lb. (12,809 kg)
 Maximum weight  23,360 lb. (10,595 kg)
 Ground pressure, combat loaded 8.97 psi (0.63 kg/cm2)
 Personnel capacity  6
 Fuel tank capacity  95 gallons (360 liters)


 Speed on land  40 mi/h (64 km/h)
 Speed in water, with track  3.6 mi/h (5.8 km/h)
 Cruising range  300 mi (483 km)
 Turning radius   Pivot to infinite
 Slope 60%
 Side slope 40%
 Trench crossing 66 in. (168 cm)
 Vertical wall climbing  24 in. (61 cm)
 Gross horsepower-to-weight ratio  19.5 hp/ton



 Make and model  Detroit Diesel 6V53T
 Displacement  318 in.3 (5.2 liter)
 Fuel  Diesel
 Rated horsepower  275 hp

 Transmission, Automatic

 Make and model  Allison X200-4B
 Type  Hydrokinetic
 Steering  Hydrostatic
 Brake type  Multiple wet plate

 Running Gear

 Suspension  Torsion bar
 Road wheels  5 pr per side, 24 inch diameter (61 cm)
 Track type  Steel single pin, detachable rubber pad
 Number of shoes  63 left, 64 right
 Track pitch  6 in. (15.2 cm)
 Track width 15 in. (38 cm)
 Shock absorbers  3 per side
 Wheel travel  9.0 in. (22.9 cm)

 Electrical System

 Amperes  200, 300 optional
 Volts, dc  28
 Batteries   4, type 6TL, 120 amp-hr, 12-volt each


 50 cal MG  2,000 ready rds.
 120mm Mortar  69 ready rds.

 Squad Weapons

 Machine gun,M60, 7.62mm  2
 Rifles, M16A2, 5.56mm  3


 Hull  5083 Aluminum

 Fire Extinguishers

 Fixed  5 lb. (2.3 kg) CO2 for engine compartment
 Portable  5 lb. (2.3 kg) CO2



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