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M706 / LAV-150 Commando

The Commando LAV-150 is a rugged 4x4 wheeled vehicle that achieves speeds of up to 70 mph (113 km/hr). The watertight hull is fully amphibious and needs no preparation for swimming or fording. The LAV-150ST is available in 16 configurations, including command, recovery, mortar, tow, air defense vehicles, and armored personnel carrier. A variety of armament stations can be installed, including most light and medium automatic weapons, missile systems, mortars, and cannons up to 90mm.

The M706 was used heavily in Vietnam war by United States forces mainly for light security vehicles, it had high rate of rear-axle failure. This system, produced by Textron Marine and Land Systems Division, is not currently used by the US military, although it is available for Foreign Military Sales. LAV-150s are in service in twenty countries.


Name V150 Commando
Crew 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver) + 2 troops
Combat Weight V-150 21,800 Lbs. V-150S 24,000 lbs.
Hull length V-150 18ft 8 in  ; V150S 20ft 2 in
Width 7ft 5 in
Height 6 ft 6in
Ground Clearance 25.5 in
Main Armament Options for the V-150-150S)
2 7.67mm  800 rounds ready, 3000 in hull
2 12.7mm 400 rounds ready , 1,000 in hull
1 20mm Oerlikon 200 rounds ready 200 in hull
1 25 mm 200 ready, 200 in hull
1 20mm Vulcan 1300 rounds ready
1 30mm
1 12.7mm MG and 40mm Grenade launcher
1 76mm 8 round ready, 31 in hull
1 90mm 8rounds ready 31 in hull
1 81mm morter 62 rounds in hull
TOW missile 7 missile in hull
Sensors and Fire Control none
Armor Cadloy steal plate protects against 7.63mm fire
Powerplant Chrysler 191-hp liquid cooled V-8 gasoline engine, power-to-weight ratio 20:23 hp / metric ton
Spension 4x4 ( all wheels powered, front wheels steering), solid beam asle, semi-elliptical multileaf spring, double hydraulic shock absorbers
Speed 55mph, 3.1mph in water, road range 500 miles, cross country range 400 miles
Obstacle Clearance vertical V-100/500 2ft 0 on V-150S 3 ft 0un amphibipous

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