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Joint Biological Point Dectection System (JBPDS)

The JBPDS program will provide a common point detection capability for individual Service platforms and achieve joint interoperability and supportability. The detection suitewill integrate and identify, trigger, sample, and detect for real-timedetection and identification of biological agents. The suite will detect, in less than fifteen (15) minutes, BW (Biological Warfare) agents at levels below the amount needed to impact combat effectiveness. The JBPDS will increase the number of agents that can be identified by the Biological Detection System (BIDS) and Interim Biological Agent Detection Systems (IBADS), decrease detection time, increase detection sensitivity, provideautomated, knowledge-based, real-time detection and identification, andprovide a first time point detection capability to the Air Force and MarineCorps.

The program is structured into two Block EMD (Engineering and Manufacturing Development) phases. Block I EMD will provide the Services with automated detection and identification of BW agent capabilities. Block II will upgrade the Block I production suites to meet objective requirements of the Joint Operational Requirements Document.

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