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Interim Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector [IVMMD]
Ground Standoff Minefield Detection System (GSTAMIDS)

The Interim Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector [IVMMD] is a vehicle-mounted metallic mine detection system. IVMMD will support contingency operations, and will provide the maneuver commander a partial Ground Standoff Minefield Detection System (GSTAMIDS) capability. The lead vehicle (Meerkat) is a single-occupant two-wheel drive vehicle, and serves as the primary mine detection vehicle. The trailer system (Husky) is a single occupant four-wheel drive vehicle that serves as the prime mover for the full width mine proofing/detonation trailers. It can also serve as an alternate detection vehicle. Both vehicles are anti-tank mine overpass-capable, and feature “frangible” components which support quick repair of the vehicle, within two hours of a mine blast. Both vehicles are blast protected (15lb TNT equivalent). Teleoperation capability is being developed to remotely control the Meerkat to provide a stand-off distance to soldiers using the system to detect larger mines or during operations in an unknown mine threat environment.

First Unit Equipped was FY98. Ten systems have been procured. Nine systems will reside at Sierra Army Depot as contingency items. One system will reside at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. IVMMD fielding (10 systems) is complete. The Vehicle Teleoperations (VT) kit completed testing in February 2000.

The Ground Standoff Minefield Detection System (GSTAMIDS) is a spiral development program geared to providing the war-fighter an incremental, near-term capability to execute countermine missions. GSTAMIDS Block “0” is an upgrade over the current Interim Vehicular Mounted Mine Detection (IVMMD) system. The primary mission for the GSTAMIDS Block “0” system is route clearance. It will be teleoperated from a Mine Protected Control Vehicle (MPCV), and will automatically detect and mark all metallic and non-metallic AT mines. Follow-on forces will locate, confirm, and neutralize detected mines from the MPCV using a mechanical device. GSTAMIDS Block “0” development directly supports the following GSTAMIDS Block “1” system, which will provide enhanced detection capability and faster clearance though the use of emerging mine confirmation technology. Minefield information will be reported through compatible C4I communication systems to the maneuver commander for force protection. The GSTAMIDS Block “2” system will provide a forward looking mine detection and avoidance capability for a variety of military vehicles.
MS Decision "0"
"1" "2"
MS 0 26 May 92
-- --
MS I 16 Jul 97
FY01 FY05
MS II 8 Dec 98
FY03 FY08
FY05 FY10

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