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Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HETS)

The Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HETS) transports tanks and other heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles to and from the battlefield. The M1070 tractor and M1000 semi-trailer, replaces the M911/M747 HET system as the Army's latest model HETS. The M1070/M1000 HETS was developed to accommodate the increased weight of the M1 Abrams Family of Main Battle Tanks. The M1070 provides line-haul, local-haul and maintenance evacuation on and off road during tactical operations worldwide. Unlike previous HETS, the M1070 is designed to carry both the tank and its crew.

The HETS is required to transport, deploy and evacuate 70-ton payloads, primarily M-1 tanks, on highways and unimproved roads and cross-country. The HETS consists of the M-1070 truck tractor and M-1000 semitrailer. HETS has automatically steerable axles and load leveling hydraulic suspension. The tractor has front and rear axle steering with central tire inflation system and cab space for five crew members.

HETS, which was not available for service during the Persian Gulf War, entered low-rate initial production soon thereafter. At the completion of the initial contract in FY 92, the Army had purchased 1,179 trucks, and trailers. Army units received this vehicle in mid-1993. FUE occurred June 1994. As of late 1996 1,320 HET systems had been fielded. In January 1997 a contract option was exercised to procure an additional 187 HETS. The total Army requirement is: 2,412. FPI = 632; FPII = 404, FPIII = 365, FPIV = 1,011. Authorizations include: 96 per CORPS Heavy Truck Company; 24 per DIVISION Heavy Truck Company; and 6 per ACR. Currently approved to acquire 1,667 M1070 tractors and 1,503 M1000 trailers.

M1070 Tractor

Manufacturer: Oshkosh Truck Corpration



Equipment Specifications:

M1000 Semitrailer

Manufacturer: Systems & Electronics, Incorporated (formerly Southwest Mobile Systems)

Tractor Compatability: M1070 / M911 / M746 / MK48 / MK16 / SLT50-2 / M916 and Future U.S. and NATO Tractors



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