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Family of Latrines (FOL)

Field-expedient latrines used in previous deployments are no longer suitable or acceptable for all situations in which U.S. forces may operate. Therefore, the Army has defined a series of new operational requirements for latrine support across the entire spectrum of military operations. The Modular Initial Deployment Latrine (MIDL) is a readily available, portable, highly mobile system that can accompany deploying personnel into the theater of operations (D0 > D+30). The Maturing Theater Latrine (MTL) is a more stable, durable system that will be made available in the theater following initial deployment (D+30 > D+120) for use as the theater matures. The final latrine to reach the mature theater is the Follow On Latrine (FOL) for the rear area (D+120 > ENDEX). A range of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and Non-Developmental Items (NDI) have been identified as possible options for the latrine systems.

The MIDL consists of a privacy screen/tent and a folding or collapsible toilet, into which a disposable bag is placed to contain human waste. Each bag is manually sealed and disposed of after each use, in a collection receptacle provided for that purpose. A single module supports up to 25 soldiers and may be set up and operated on the ground or in a shelter.

The MTL is similar to individual portable chemical toilets used at outdoor events. However, the capability to burn the waste is necessary in the event the capability for waste removal is not available in the theater of operation.

The FOL consists of an ISO container with low volume water flush toilets, urinals, and sinks with hot running water.

Set up time by two soldiers is 45 minutes.

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