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Future Infantry Vehicle (FIV)

The Future Infantry Vehicle (FIV) Technology Demonstrator [TD] will demonstrate, through virtual prototyping, demonstrator hardware testing, and User field experimentation, the feasibility and operational potential of a Future Infantry Vehicle. The Technology Demonstrator will also demonstrate common technologies for a new medium class of Army Combined Arms vehicles. Some of the specific technologies to be demonstrated include advanced crew stations incorporating seamless communication for improved command and control and embedded training and onboard mission rehearsal, advanced hit avoidance, signature management, and armors, advanced med caliber weapon and fire on the move FOTT (P3I) missile system, lightweight track and advanced suspension. This will also be the first time non-lethal weapons are integrated and demonstrated on a vehicle platform. These technologies represent state of the art advances in the areas of survivability, mobility, lethality, transportability, communications, and training.

Requirements to be achieved in the FIV are increasing the squad to be carried from 7 to 9 men, decreasing the crew size by 33% through automation and crew enabling remote stations for vision, and armament and vehicle operation. Survivability will be increased by 33-50% using a combination of improved armor protection, hit avoidance, and signature management. On-board training/battle rehearsal will increase 100% by eliminating tech manuals, having on-board simulators and embedded training. Mobility will be improved 50% to be equal to the FCS. Lethality will be improved through the integration of an advanced med caliber weapon, fire on the move Follow on to TOW (FOTT) (P3I) missile system. The technologies to be demonstrated represent the State of the Art and will allow for the improved performance described above. These performance parameters are necessary for the FIV to perform as part of the Army After Next combined force and the current vehicle is unable to meet those requirements. The TD will be the first vehicle incorporating non-lethal devices. Specific technologies to be investigated include digitization, advanced command and control, advanced crew stations, hemispherical survivability systems, advanced lightweight structural materials and armors, electric drive, lightweight track, semi-active suspension, medium caliber weapon and the FOTT P3I missile.

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