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Extended Range Munition [ERM]
XM1007 Tank Extended Range Munition (TERM)

Extended Range Munition [ERM] is a new concept (endorsed by USAARMC) for extending the battle space beyond the current 3 to 4 KM max. line of sight range, by allowing engagements beyond line of sight to more than 8 KM. It exploits the ability of the Scout vehicle to acquire and designate targets; the Digitized Communication technologies to pass targeting information, in real time, to the maneuver commander or shooter, and smart munitions technologies to provide a munition capable of being fired from a 120MM tank gun at extended range non line of sight targets.

The Tank Extended Range Munition (TERM) is a new 120 millimeter munition for the M1A2 Main Battle Tank, that will extend the maneuver commander's battlespace beyond line of sight (BLOS) to more than 8 kilometers. TERM exploits the capabilities of the Future Scout and Cavalary System vehicle to identify and illuminate BLOS targets to pass digitized targeting information, in real time, to the tanker. Using brilliant technologies TERM will enable the tanker to destroy high value moving targets at more than twice the current battlespace. TACOM-ARDEC is currently exploring multiple concepts to meet user performance requirements.

The ERM concept will provide the Armor Maneuver Force a major advance in combat capability. By being able to engage non-line of sight targets at extended range the Maneuver Commander can engage the enemy before the they can return fire. This program will take advantage of force XXI digital architecture to provide the Maneuver Commander with responsive organic fire which is not a fire support asset. It does this by integrating new technologies in sensors, communication and smart munitions into new Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.

Several missile and projectile based concepts have been proposed for this mission. They employ advanced Radio Frequency millimeter wave and or Infra-Red sensors linked through a guidance and control system to aerodynamic control surfaces and or thrusters to control the flight path of the munition. The system concept could use several different acquisition systems (Scout, UAV, Tanks) and guidance strategies to fire the long range engagements. The Scout could locate the target and pass the digital targeting data to the tank where the on-board computer and fire control system calculates the firing solution and whether there are any terrain features in the way. The gun would be automatically slewed to the correct position and any in flight trajectory maneuvers would be fed to the round through the data link during the fire pulse. After launch and any mid course maneuvers the munition would activate its seeker and scan for the target. Designation by the Scout would improve the return signal from the tank and keep the munition from going after false or dead targets.

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