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D7 Bulldozer
D7G Mine-Clearing/Armor Protection (MCAP) Bulldozer

The D7 is a fully tracked, low speed, medium drawbar pull bulldozer with a ripper or winch. It is used by engineer units. The rebuild program, which brings the vehicles back to their original performance specifications, is expected to extend the service life by 15 years and will yield cost savings over a new acquisition.

The D7G mine-clearing/armor protection (MCAP) Bulldozer was engineered by Caterpillar Diesel for the U.S. Army to fulfill mine and UXO clearing requirements during Desert Storm. It proved effective and is in use in the Balkans today. The D7 MCAP is a D7G bulldozer with steel plate and bullet resistant glass armor additions. The armor was added to a D7G Caterpiller Dozer by cutting plywood templates prior to fabrication of the steel plates. The versatile D7 MCAP is capable of mine/UXO clearing purposes in uneven, light or heavily vegetated terrain. The operator must carefully remove mines and soil with the blade. The dozer chassis and armor is robust and protects the operator from potential blasts. It can work where many other mechanical mine clearing equipment cannot. When working on soft ground, it is advisable to have a second armored dozer as a "pusher" in case of lack of traction. The D7G MCAP cannot neutralize mines or unexploded ordnance. Rather, it exposes such materials during the dozing process. Unexploded Ordnance personnel are necessary for mine and unexploded ordnance neutralization procedures.

The D7 MCAP is dependable, versatile, and effective. It requires minimal maintenance. Many of its parts are available through U.S. military supply systems as well as through Caterpillar’s worldwide parts network. The D7G Bulldozer is a common item in the U.S. Army, and the D7 MCAP is a relatively simple modification to an existing, engineer "work horse."

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