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CSSCS at Echelons Above Corps (CSSCS/EAC)

CSSCS/EAC will consolidate and collate the data required to integrate situational awareness of the CSS mission areas. It will provide strategic and tactical commanders with timely, critical information on ammunition and fuel supplies, medical and personnel status, transportation, maintenance services, general supply, and other field services.

Rapidly changing tactical situations and the intensity of modern warfare demand faster evaluation of force status than is achievable by current manual systems. CSSCS/EAC will give commanders easy access to the resource management, supply, and administrative information required to determine each unit's capability to carry out its mission. The system will also allow commanders to conduct trade-off analyses and evaluate potential courses of action based on different logistical scenarios.

CSSCS/EAC is being designed to improve the planning and execution of CSS C2 operations. A near real-time automated system, CSSCS/EAC will collect, process, analyze, and summarize designated critical information from Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS), including supply, maintenance, ammunition, transportation, personnel, financial, and medical. CSSCS/EAC will consolidate the data and transform it into decision support information for both CSS and force-level commanders.

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