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Combat Service Support [CSS]

Combat Service Support [CSS] tasks are to man, arm, fuel, fix, and move the force. These tasks are generally categorized into logistics support, personnel service support, and health services support.

Logistics support includes-- Personnel service support includes functions that provide soldiers to the command as well as contribute to their welfare and morale. Major personnel service support functions are-- Health services support includes--

Sustainment is a critical element of combat power on the AirLand battlefield. Generating combat power requires the conversion of a force's potential, resources, and tactical opportunity into actual capability. Sustainment must support violent and coordinated action, allowing forces concentrate at the decisive time and place. The basic mission of CSS is to sustain the battle. The CSS system's sole purpose is to maintain and support soldiers and their weapons systems. CSS operations must focus on sustaining the force as it executes the commander's intent while conducting deep, close, and rear operations. The measurement of sustainment success is the generation of combat power at the right place and time.

Class I


Class II

Specialized tools and clothing.

Class III

Fuel, lubricants and other POL products.

Class IV

Barrier or fortification materials.

Class V


Class VI

Personal demand items and sundries.

Class VII

Major end items; this includes entire vehicles, such as a "float" tank or BFV.

Class VIII

Medical supplies.

Class IX

Repair parts for combat vehicles are essential to sustainment.

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