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Army WWMCCS Information System (AWIS)

When the Army is currently called upon to rapidly deploy its forces, AWIS provides the support for the entire operation: from mobilization and deployment through employment and sustainment. AWIS fulfills the Army's strategic C2 requirements for software, hardware, and databases for the implementation of the Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES) and other Joint Service systems that support the Unified Commands and the Joint Staff. In addition, AWIS modernizes the Army's C2 system, supporting conventional military planning and execution.

AWIS-developed software systems provide the capability for Army commands to

  • Analyze courses of action; develop, manage, and support the execution of the Army's responsibilities in the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) War Plans.
  • Ensure that the Army's plan is feasible in a global environment.
  • Perform status reporting, mobilization, deployment, employment, and sustainment support actions for Army forces supporting conventional joint–military operations.
  • WWMCCS is a primary national system for both operational and administrative command and control of U.S. Military Forces. It supports the National Command Authority, the Joint Staff, the Unified Commands, and other DoD agencies and activities. WWMCCS is a SECRET system-high network with interfaces to joint, Army Theater, National Guard, and Reserve systems.

    WWMCCS and the current AWIS are being replaced by GCCS and AGCCS in early FY1996. Since GCCS will operate at the SECRET system-high level, the TOP SECRET Support System (TS3) will be implemented until an upgraded GCCS (GCCS-T) is fielded to operate at the TOP SECRET level.

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