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The MINI-FIX is a man-portable direction finding system. It is composed of a man-portable vehicular radio receiver and direction finder (DF) processor system, signal monitor, DF processor (the controlling unit in the DF system), and DF antenna. MINI-FIX can be easily transported and maintained in the field, while providing highly accurate intercept and Line-of-Bearing (LOB) information. This system was initially provided to Communications Electronics Warfare Intelligence (CEWI) units via the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) program as an NDI training system.



Dec 79 Purchased by FORSCOM for readiness training. A total of 75 original systems were purchased without ILS.

Jul 84 CECOM tasked by DA to support FORSCOM in developing ILS.

Aug 86 Fielding of all ILS by on-site delivery team commenced to Korea Nov 86 and Panama Dec 86.

Aug 87 Full organic support to all FORSCOM and OCONUS activities.

Mar 89 System upgraded to include battery charger, high frequency capability, up-converter CV4090.

Aug 93 Transitioned from FORSCOM (Level I) to CECOM, DMM (Level III).

REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT: HQDA message authorized procurement, 231742Z Nov 83.

TYPE CLASSIFICATION: Limited Procurement-Urgent approved Jan 89.

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