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AN/PRD-10 Manpack Radio DF Set [MPRDFS]

The AN/PRD-10 HF/VHF/UHF Radio receiving set supports commandersí target and situation development, and force protection requirements by providing Line of Bearing (LOB) information. The system provides VHF Line-of-Bearing (LOB) on received signals in order that downstream processing will be able to perform emitter geolocation.

Emitter location is an important capability that exists in many Electronic Warfare systems. Such Electronic Warfare systems are just one type of battlefield intelligence collection system. Intelligence derived from these systems is utilized by the military commanders in the planning and execution of their missions. Typically emitter location information is used to assist the identification of the type or actual unit that is emitting EME, and may also be used as target acquisition information for certain weapon systems.

Locations are determined by data provided from some sensor platform that is typically a direction finding system. This data is automatically or semi-automatically processed to generate a fix or location for a target emitter with respect to some geographic coordinate system. Further analysis of fixes and raw data may be carried out in some systems to assist the operators/users in deriving intelligence.

The precision characteristics of Emitter Location measurements must be compatible with the needs of an intelligence gathering mission. Precision characteristics include the intrinsic accuracy of Emitter Location measurements, description of Emitter Location errors in terms of operational parameters, and reproducibility of Emitter Location measurements within specified error constraints.

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