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AIS - Automated Information Systems
Program Title Program Management MDA CURRENT_AC ACAT_LEVEL Description
Army Global Command and Control Systems PM, STCCS HQDA MAISRC EMD IAC The Army's component system that directly supports Army implementation of the Joint Global Command and Control System (GCCS). The Project Manager, Strategic and Theater Command and Control Systems (PM STCCS) is accomplishing this support by developing AGCCS, which will be a selection of the Army's "best of breed" command and control functionality that will be migrated to or become interoperable with the Joint GCCS.
Automated Information Technology PM, TACMIS PEO, STAMIS ** III AIT is a contract vehicle to provide a suite of commercial hardware peripherals used to automate data collection, making possible a number of initiatives that increase productivity and operational efficiency throughout the Department of Defense.

** These products/projects are hardware platforms, devices, and/or peripherals for other STAMIS/ARMY/OSD and cannot be placed in phases.
Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI) PM, TACMIS PEO, STAMIS ** IV CAISI provides commercial and tactical network connections for Combat Service Support STAMIS users. The tactical connectivity capability extends from the Theater level to the Brigade Support Area.

** These products/projects are hardware platforms, devices, and/or peripherals for other STAMIS/ARMY/OSD and cannot be placed in phases.
CONUS Freight Management System (CFMS) PM, CFMS CG, MTMC PFDOS III Provides an automated, electronic capability for the management; rating; routing; and documentation of DOD freight movements within CONUS. Also provides automation support for functions such as shipment status; prepayment auditing of the Government Bills of Lading (GBL). More than 3,200 users from various organizations will be able to access the CFM System via its telecommunications subsystem, in order to attenuate and minimize GBL freight transportation costs.
Corps of Engineers Automation Plan (CEAP-IA) PM, CEAP COE PFDOS III Is operational and is currently fulfilling the requirements for a Corps-wide standard automation and communication platform. The system provides modern information processing support to all engineers, scientists, managers, and other personnel who have the responsibility to accomplish the Corps' mission in military and civil works programs.
Corps of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS) RM, COE COE PFDOS III Supports unique missions of the Corps, such as engineering and construction projects, laboratory work, hydropower, water resources, flood control, and real estate property management. CEFMS performs proprietary accounting for operations as well as budget execution and reporting for Civil Works, Revolving Fund and Military appropriations.
Corps Theater ADP Service Center, Phase II (CTASC-II) PM, TACMIS PEO, STAMIS ** IV CTASC-II is an Army Automated Information System (AIS) employed at Corps and Echelons above Corps levels to provide ADP processing support for Combat Service Support (CSS) logistical support agencies.

** These products/projects are hardware platforms, devices, and/or peripherals for other STAMIS/ARMY/OSD and cannot be placed in phases.
Defense Communications and Army Switched Systems (DCASS) PM, DCASS CG, CECOM PFDOS III Centrally and intensively manages the engineering, acquisition, integration, standardization, synchronization, coordination, integrated logistics support planning, installation, testing and transition of worldwide programs/projects in support of Power Projection, Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Infrastructure, and other strategic information projects as assigned by HQDA, OSD, and the Joint Staff.
Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS) PM, DCATS CG, CECOM PFDOS III The Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS) program office provides strategic satellite and terrestrial communication systems in support of the Defense Communications System (DCS) and Army base information infrastructure systems. These systems support the National Command Authority, strategic DoD components, Army echelons above corps (EAC), and other strategic information infrastructure projects as assigned by OSD, the Joint Staff and HQDA. PM DCATS provides the latest state-of-the-art wideband commercial and military communications equipment available to enhance long-haul transmission system performance.
Defense Data Networks (DDN) PM, DDN CG, CECOM PFDOS III Development and fielding of the backbone infrastructure design, the acquisition and integration of state-of-the-art hardware and software into a total system at major Army installations worldwide, and the provision of complete life-cycle support for those systems. Defense Data Networks (DDN) are worldwide, common user, data communications networks that provide long-haul data transport capability and information transport infrastructure to C4I users throughout the military services and DOD agencies. The Army's portion of worldwide Defense Data Networks includes implementation of the Army DISN Router Program to provide Army war fighters with access to wide area data transport in support of power projection,, the Army Common User Installation Transport Network (CUITN) which is the Army's program to install modern, high speed, fiber optic backbone networks at the Army's wide area high speed data network in support of war fighting, peace keeping, and other military operations. These programs are part of the Power Projection. Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Infrastructure (PPC4I) initiative of the DISC4 to upgrade the Army's information infrastructure to transfer large amounts of data within and among major installations in support of split base operations contingency deployments, and other power projection missions.
Defense Message System-Army (DMS-A) OSD(CIO) PEO, STAMIS PFDOS III DMS is managed by DISA and USAF is the Procurement Agent. DMS facilitates and coordinates an integrated message system that provides command and control message capabilities for all DoD locations--sustaining to battlefield bases. DMS-A handles the fielding, integration and sustainment for the Army.
Defense Satellite Communications Systems Installations (DSCSI) PM, DSCSI CG, CECOM PFDOS III DSCSI centrally and intensively manages the installation engineering, installation, testing and transition of operational systems to the customer for the modernization and replacement of Tri-service satellite communications projects, including Army interconnect facilities. Installs strategic earth terminals for all services as directed by the Joint Staff and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) in response to CINC requirements at MILDEP O&M and special user sites. Responsible at Army DSCS sites for installing terminal interconnect facilities, management of facility upgrades and site preparation construction associated with new terminal installation.
Department Army Movements Management System-Redesign (DAMMS-R) PM, ILOGS PEO, STAMIS * III DAMMS-R provides centralized information management to support movements management, transportation operations, and common user transport asset control functions within any theater of operation.

* These systems are being developed in blocks, software packages or increments consequently they cannot be placed in phases.
Distance Learning System (ADLS) PM, Distance Learning PEO, STAMIS * IAM The Army Distance Learning System will deliver standardized individual training, selected collective training, and self-development training to soldiers and units at the right place and right time through the application of multiple electronic technologies.

* These systems are being developed in blocks, software packages or increments consequently they cannot be placed in phases.
Information Management & Telecommunications Pentagon Renovation (IM&TPR) PM, IM&TPR DISC4 PFDOS III Responsible for modernizing, consolidating, collocating, and/or relocating information technologies and services for the renovated Pentagon, yet ensuring continuity of operations of information management and telecommunications systems and services. Objective is to provide cost-effective Information Management and Telecommunications capabilities and services that will best serve the needs of the DoD by leveraging and integrating advancements in information technologies and services for the renovated Pentagon.
Information Technology Services PM, IMT&PR CG, CECOM PFDOS III Management of planning, programming, systems design/development, acquisition, installation, and testing of the fully integrated system of common user information services. The objective is to provide cost-effective common user information technology services/capabilities that will best serve the needs of the DoD senior leadership and the command and control of deployed warfighters by leveraging technology advancements and designing/developing a fully integrated system of systems. Furthermore, this system of systems must comply with the Joint Technical Architecture.
Integrated Facilities System-Mini/Micro (IFS-M) PM, SBA HQDA MAISRC PFDOS III A project used by the Army Engineering Community to provide upward reporting of resources and to support Directorate of Engineering and Housing (DEH) operations at the installation level.
Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (JCALS) PM, JCALS HQDA and OSD MAISRC EMD IAM The purpose of the JCALS system program effort is to specify, acquire, implement, and field a Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support (CALS) architecture and its interfaces to supporting systems. The JCALS system will satisfy a Joint Services/Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) need for integrated digital technical information/information management in support of weapon system acquisition and logistics life cycle management.
Joint Recruiting Information Support System (JRISS) PM, JRISS HQDA and OSD MAISRC CE IAM JRISS will provide automation support to field production recruiters, their immediate supervisors, mid and upper level managers and specified recruiting HQs. This support will be provided to all twelve Armed Service Components.
Personnel Electronic Records Management System (PERMS) PM, TACMIS PEO, STAMIS * III PERMS directly supports the Army's military personnel records management mission in war, mobilization and peace as required by Title 10, US Code (Armed Forces) and Title 44, US Code (Records Management by Federal Agencies). PERMS will provide an automated system for record keeping functions at four headquarters level Army Personnel Record Management Centers.

* These systems are being developed in blocks, software packages or increments consequently they cannot be placed in phases.
Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS) PM, RCAS HQDA and OSD MAISRC EMD/PFDOS IAM A comprehensive computer system to support the decision making needs of commanders, staff and functional managers responsible for leading and managing Army Guard and Army Reserve units. It provides all the information necessary to mobilize Army Guard and Army Reserve units. It also significantly improves our ability to accomplish the hundreds of day-to-day administrative tasks at home station more efficiently.
Small Computer Program (SCP) PM, SCP CG, CECOM PFDOS III The Small Computer Program (SCP), provides the Army and Government and DOD agencies with a centralized source to acquire information management hardware and software and related engineering, installation, training, and maintenance support on a worldwide basis. As many as four separate acquisitions are completed every year in order to ensure availability of items. The acquisition complexity of this program stems from: managing products that have rapid technological changes and the addition of evolving standards which complicates inter- and intra-service interoperability; systems acquisitions of multi-vendor components, not simple commodity purchases; and a highly litigious industrial base. The Product Manager (PM), SCP manages 21 separate contracts that provide information technology products and services.
STAMIS Tactical Computers (STACOMP) PM, TACMIS PEO, STAMIS ** IV STACOMP systems support the Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) tactical and selected sustaining base hardware communications and nonapplication software requirements for the Army to include logistics (transportation, supply and maintenance) and personnel.

** These products/projects are hardware platforms, devices, and/or peripherals for other STAMIS/ARMY/OSD and cannot be placed in phases.
Standard Army Ammunition System (SAAS) PM, ILOGS PEO, STAMIS * III SAAS program provides information management systems supporting ammunition management functions on the battlefield and in OCONUS MACOMS. Current development effort modernizes system fielded in the mid to late 80's and provides improvements/functionality as identified during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. New system design accommodates the force projection Army.

* These systems are being developed in blocks, software packages or increments consequently they cannot be placed in phases.
Standard Army Maintenance System (SAMS) PM, ILOGS PEO, STAMIS PFDOS III SAMS provides information management to supporting maintenance operations at the Direct Support, General Support, and Installation activities (both TOE and TDA units). Two current development efforts are under way.
Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS) PM, SARSS PEO, STAMIS PFDOS III SARSS automates stock record accounting and supply management for Classes II, III (package), IV, VII and IX (less COMSEC) within the theater of operations and CONUS.
Standard Installation/Division Personnel System (SIDPERS-3) PM, SIDPERS HQDA and OSD MAISRC PFDOS IAM SIDPERS-3 is an automated military personnel system that directly supports the Army's warfighting ability by providing commanders at all echelons from the field to the HQ with necessary personnel information to make accurate decisions and effectively manage personnel assets. The system will serve the Active Army in peacetime and the Total Army during war and mobilization.
Standard Property Book System-Redesign (SPBS-R) PM, ILOGS HQDA MAISRC Pending III SPBS-R is an interactive automated property accountability, asset visibility, and management reporting system for unit property and equipment.
Sustaining Base Information Services (SBIS) PM, SBA HQDA and OSD MAISRC Pending IAC This program addresses the initial modernization of validated and prioritized functional applications software, and associated infrastructure, that support sustaining base needs for Major Army Commands (MACOMs) and installations.
Tactical Management Information Systems (TACMIS) PM, TACMIS PEO, STAMIS ** IV Provides oversight for the following systems: AIT, CAISI, CTASC-II, STACOMP and PERMS.

** These products/projects are hardware platforms, devices, and/or peripherals for other STAMIS/ARMY/OSD and cannot be placed in phases.
Transportation Coordinators’ Automated Information for Movement System II (TC-AIMS II) PM, TC-AIMS II OSD(CIO) * IAM TC-AIMS II is a joint service migration system that provides an integrated set of transportation applications to facilitate movements management of personnel, equipment and supplies from home station to a conflict and back. This system also includes daily transportation management, traffic management, commercial carrier interfaces, movement control and mode operations in garrison, in depots, consolidation activities and transshipment locations.

* These systems are being developed in blocks, software packages or increments consequently they cannot be placed in phases.
Transportation Operational Personal Property Standard System (TOPS) PM, TOPS HQDA and OSD MAISRC PFDOS IAC A joint DOD project designed to support the worldwide Personal Property Movement and Storage Program. Used primarily at DOD Personal Property Shipping Offices (PPSOs), Personal Property Processing Offices (PPPOs), and related Service variants, the TOPS system automates and standardizes virtually every aspect of moving and storing the personal effects of U.S. Military Service Members, U.S. Coast Guard personnel, military and coast guard dependents, and civilian employees of DOD when relocating on assignment.
Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS) PM, ILOGS PEO, STAMIS * III ULLS is a standard, automated, logistics system for unit Prescribed Load List (PLL) and maintenance management operations. Repair parts, supply functions, maintenance management operations, aircraft records, and historical data are automated to improve accuracy and timeliness.

* These systems are being developed in blocks, software packages or increments consequently they cannot be placed in phases.
Worldwide Port System Item Manager CG, MTMC PFDOS III An automated information system designed to support the function of cargo documentation and tracking at common user ocean terminals associated with the Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC), U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), Automated Cargo Documentation Detachments (ACDs), and Service Transportation Terminal Units (TTUs). The WPS system has been designed to replace four current cargo documentation AIS systems: Terminal Management System (TERMS), Department of the Army Standards Port System - Enhanced (DASPS-E), Mediterranean Prototype and Terminal Support Module (TSM). The migration to a single integrated standard system will yield several significant benefits.