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UV-18A Twin Otter

The UV-18A 'Twin Otter' is the military version of the DeHavilland DHC-6 with optional float and ski fittings. The aircraft have crew and passenger oxygen systems and a navigation/communication package which gives it an all-weather capability. It has a cruise speed of 150 knots, a service ceiling of 25,000 feet and a range of 700 miles. Designed to replace DHC-3, DHC-6 made its first flight on May 20, 1965. This general-purposed civil and military transport, used by regional airlines in Alaska and other areas with short or rough runways, entered production early in 1966. By September 1982, over 800 DHC-6 were built, and by the end of production in 1988 a total of 844 aircraft were built for various military and commercial customers.

Airlift support for the US Air Force Academy cadet parachuting program is provided by three UV-18B aircraft which carry a pilot, copilot and up to 17 jumpers. These Twin Otters are the only three owned by the Air Force. In the MSAG Antenna Test and Evaluation conducted 25-31 August 1998 in Marina CA, the NPS/CIRPAS UV-18A Twin Otter provided the surrogate UAV function during a test and evaluation of the MSAG ITT Antenna under development by the Joint Projects Office. Imagery from the Twin Otter was received by the multi- source capable antenna based at the CIRPAS facility in Marina. In the Alaska Army National Guard the UV-18As have been replaced by the C-23B+.


Contractor de Havilland Canada
Crew 1-2
Wingspan 19.8 m
Length 15.1 m
Height 5.7 m
Wing area 39.0 sq. m
Empty weight 2654 kg
Takeoff weight 4761 kg
Engines 2 x Pratt & Whitney of Canada PT6-27, 652 hp each
Max. speed 343 km/h
Cruise speed 297 km/h
Speed Range 65-165 KIAS
Cruise ceiling 3050 m
Ceiling 25,000 ft. (Oxygen installed)
Rate of Climb 1600 fpm, typical
Range with maximum payload 200 km
Endurance - Maximum
Altitude Airspeed Fuel Burn (lbs/hr) Endurance (hrs)
Sea Level 120 kts 480 4.2
5,000' 120 kts 460 4.3
10,000' 120 kts 440 4.4
Endurance - Maximum >12 Hour Missions with Extended Fuel Tank
Payload 20 passengers or 1045 kg of payload
Payload 4500 lbs.
Power Available >4200 W
Communications VHF, UHF, HF, UHF/FM
AvionicsTacan, GPS, VHF/UHF Homing
Unit Cost $2,000,000

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