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T-34C Turbo Mentor

The T-34C aircraft is an unpressurized two-place, tandem cockpit low-wing single-engine monoplane manufactured by Raytheon Aircraft Company (Formally Beech Aircraft), Wichita, Kansas. The aircraft is powered by a Model PT6A-25 turbo-prop engine manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada. The primary mission of the T-34C is to provide primary flight training for student pilots attached to the Chief of Naval Air Training. As a secondary mission, approximately 10% of the aircraft provide pilot proficiency and other aircraft support services to AIRLANT, AIRPAC, and NAVAIR "satellite sites" operated throughout CONUS.

The T-34C aircraft was procured as a commercial-derivative aircraft certified under an FAA Type Certificate. Throughout its life, the aircraft has been operated and commercially supported by the Navy using FAA processes, procedures and certifications. It continues to be maintained commercially at all levels of maintenance, and relies on COTS/NDI components and equipment to support airworthiness. Aircraft modification efforts are "turnkey" projects (procurement and installation) implemented as part of competitively awarded maintenance contracts. Where extensive integration efforts are required, the non-recurring engineering phase, including test and certification, is typically performed by Raytheon Aircraft Company under a sole-source engineering contract with the Navy.


WingSpan 35 ft. 5 in. (10 meters)
Length 28 ft. 8 in. (9 meters)
Height 9 ft. 11 in. (3 meters)
Weight 4,425 lbs. loaded (appx 3,000 Lb empty)
Armament None
Engine Model PT6A-25 turbo-prop engine (Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada)
Maximum speed 280 Knots (322 mph)
Range 600 nautical miles
Service Ceiling 25,000 ft.
Cost $1 million
Crew Two (Instructor and Pilot)

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