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Production of the Yak-38 Forger began in 1975 making it the world’s second operational VSTOL aircraft, after the Harrier series. The aircraft's wings are mid-mounted, delta-shaped with blunt tips and a negative slant. There is one turbo engine and two lift jets. There are two exhausts on the bottom of the rear fuselage. Large, semicircular air intakes are below the cockpit well forward of the wings. The fuselage is long and has a pointed nose and tapered tail section. The Yak-38 has a bubble canopy. The tail is swept-back and the tail fin is tapered with a square angular tip and a small step in the leading edge. Flats are mid-mounted on the body, swept-back, and tapered with a negative slant.


Country of Origin CIS (formerly USSR)
Similar Aircraft
  • AV-8B Harrier II
  • Super Etendard
  • Fantan A
  • Mirage F1
  • Crew
  • One
  • Forger B--two
  • Type Attack
    Length 52 ft, 6 in (16 m)
    Span 24 ft, 7 in (7.5 m)
    Ceiling 12200 meters
    Cruise range 12200 meters
    In-Flight Refueling No
    Internal Fuel 2268 kg
    Payload 1362 kg
    Sensors Ranging radar, laser rangefinder, nose IR sensor (possibly IRST). Advanced bombsight
    Drop Tanks 600 L drop tank with 479kg for 42nm range
    Armament AS-10, UV-32-57, FAB-500, AA-8
    User County CIS

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